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  1. Thumper\\

    DIY header heat shield

    I SUCK at the 'search'. Has anyone made they're own header/mid-pipe heat shield"? I was just gonna use some band clamps.....
  2. Thumper\\

    DRZ scrambler

    Flat tracker rear end, slightly lower bars and we're in the bizzz.....
  3. Thumper\\

    Picture needed please

    I'm thinking the gold would look pretty sick (in a good way) on the blue....
  4. Thumper\\

    Painted triples....

    Perfect thx...
  5. Thumper\\

    Painted triples....

    Anyone painted their triples? Would love to see pics and hear about what you used. Thx in advance....
  6. Thumper\\

    Huksy 701

    That depends on what you consider a 'dedicated' track bike or what types of tracks you frequent. And you're trying to compare this to a 450?
  7. Thumper\\

    Huksy 701

  8. Thumper\\

    Shoei rf 1200 or Icon Airframe Pro

    Shoei is great, But Arai, oh my. Arai also has more shell shapes than anybody else. Sorry, but Arai is just in a different league IMO.....
  9. Thumper\\

    Future of the DRZ400!

    Would be a good time for them to introduce some new/updated stuff then. You gotta follow the trends and be willing to change with the market to survive anyway.....
  10. Thumper\\

    Future of the DRZ400!

    Hell FI, one more gear, new headlight, clean up the rear and re-think battery local, and I'm good. the weight doesn't really bother me that much. I'm slow anyway. Nah, go ahead and re-design the whole damn thang. They've had such a hard time selling them through the years
  11. Thumper\\

    DRZ400SM Will Only Run On Full Choke

    Clogged pilot jet
  12. Thumper\\

    DRZ400sm vs WRX

    Not much...
  13. Thumper\\

    DRZ400sm vs WRX

    Nothing would beat a MotoGP proto around any of the tracks they run....
  14. Thumper\\

    I need one mirror.

    Looking for something that will screw right in to the left side perch. Something a little lower than the stock sails. Done with bar-ends. Don't wanna gamble with all the crap on fleabay unless anyone here has found something that really works. Thx in advance....
  15. Yeah it's funny alright....