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  1. toten

    need help with yz426 supermoto wheels..!!

    you can use full size YZ wheels 99-08 and WR wheels 99+ I've run the same wheels on my 01 YZ426, my 03 WR450, and my 14 WR450
  2. if you haven't ordered it yet... there's a chance you can find an O ring that'll fit from another source
  3. toten

    Well time for a redo on the 08 WR450

    I'm really tempted to build my 14 WR450SM engine was the tranny all stock?
  4. toten

    Blue Cam usable? 06' 450

    Wouldn't surprise me if the head is warped too, which could cause the binding
  5. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    I'm just guessing and I could be wrong, but the parts fiche doesn't show a flange on it. What parts fiche are you looking at for it to be 15? I see it as 14 in the one screenshotted above.
  6. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    I would think that's what you have now
  7. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    part 28? when I look at the parts fiche for a 2015 WR450 I see a total of 20 parts.
  8. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    the adapter mine had had a flange on the outside of it as well, so that it couldn't be pushed too far into the exhaust I have no idea how I'd find a replacement if I needed one
  9. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    the photo you posted doesn't show the adapter. it's a soft silver metal and solid/one piece, not the darker one you have with some mesh in it (or however you want to describe it). Your gap estimate sounds about right, although my GYTR exhaust doesn't have a clamp of any sort - it's a slip fit with no way to tighten. somewhere here on TT I asked what exhaust I should go for and that's what people recommended: the 08/09 stock header with my existing muffler. I found an 08 header on CL for a decent price. It's Titanium and reasonably large. I believe 06/07 uses a different header than 08/09. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/2s2-14611-30-00/b2637332?m=144776&sch=540993 shows 08/09 but no other years. I think I remember people saying that 07-11 exhausts will fit our bikes as well but I could be wrong.
  10. toten

    2012-2015 Stock Header Exhaust Pipe

    I recently replaced mine with an 08/09 YZ450F header. My GYTR exhaust had what I think is referred to as gasket, muffler in it - a fairly soft metal sleeve that adapted the exhaust to the header. Felt softer than I'd expect aluminum to be but I don't know what it was. Removal destroyed it though. If you're in the US I'd be willing to sell you the header but I don't know how much good it would do without the adapter. Do you know what muffler that is?
  11. toten

    2015 Wr 450

    Are the stock speedos on these bikes accurate? On most bikes they aren't.
  12. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/1c3-22141-10-00/b1150249?m=144518&sch=596036 the swingarm pivot is the same part for a bunch of bikes, including 04-09 YZ450F I don't know if it'll fit or not
  13. toten

    Wr450f transmission swap

    they're a blast. I have 2, one of which I need to get around to selling now that the weather is improving.
  14. toten

    Wr450f transmission swap

    you should get a set of 17s for it if you do much pavement
  15. 2009 uses a 25mm axle while 2008 and earlier use a 22mm axle, and then 2010 was a whole new bike (with the 4 valve reverse head engine) so I doubt you can use 2010. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/34p-22110-00-00/b2638231?m=144518&sch=596036 you can see that it isn't used on any other years or models you might be able to retrofit a 2008 swingarm https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/2s2-22110-70-00/b1798214?m=144776&sch=541001 used on 07/08 WRs and YZ-Fs, 250 and 450, but you'd need a new rear wheel and axle and so on. Have any pictures of the damage?