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  1. bertocr125

    Imstalling a Smart Performance DIY kit...where to start?

    The kit should have come with very detailed instructions, follow them closely. Also, make sure the clover shim does not rotate when you install it.
  2. bertocr125

    Best MX tire front/rear

    Bridgestone 403/404 works well for me. Track prepped in the morning then gets progressively more hardpack throughout the day.
  3. crfheads.com has a package like what you are looking for.
  4. bertocr125

    fmf megabomb

    Call FMF I believe they make a spacer/collar type deal that allows it to seal.
  5. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    Post up pics of the combustion chamber when you get ready to do it and I'll let you know. If it looks like my heads then you will need an 04-08 piston. If the combustion chamber looks more opened up you need an 09.
  6. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    Ya I'm not sure what the cut off point is for compression ratios and interchangeability. I just ordered a JE 13.7:1 for a 2008 as that is the highest comp ratio they have for 2004-2008.
  7. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    I did a very thorough search on here and found 3-4 threads leading to that conclusion then found one that said the 09 high comps are different. I actually replied to one of the threads about two years ago and somewhat answered my own question. And thank you very much for all the help Charlie!
  8. bertocr125

    a shock question

    Some of this info is not right. If you have too LITTLE static sag you need a stiffer spring, too MUCH and you need a softer spring.
  9. bertocr125

    fmf megabomb

    No there is a copper o-ring that goes into the flange thing on the exhaust port that the header goes into. The header crushes the o-ring when it gets tightened down and seals it.
  10. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    Alright guys 09 high compression pistons DO NOT work with 08 and previous heads. I apparently got lied to by the seller and it is an 08 head and not an 09. Stock compression pistons are fine 04-09 but high compression only 04-08. Anyone with an 09 want a new 14:1 comp ratio JE for a good deal?
  11. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    Yep, I haven't even put the cam in yet. The cam chain is on but I am holding it up and making sure it is rotating. I loosened the head bolts up a little several times and every time it will rotate once they are loosened a bit. I think the problem is that the head is actually an 08 head not an 09. I compared it to my 07 head and the combustion chamber shape looks to be the same. Here are some pics.
  12. bertocr125

    Piston/Head problem..

    So two weeks ago one of my intake guides broke off and dropped into the engine. It ruined at least one seat (leaking very badly and looked chipped) and nicked up the piston and head a little. So I decided it wasn't worth it to repair the head and just replace the entire thing. I went on ebay and managed to pick up a complete 09 head (seller said) that just had port work, beryllium intake seats, bronze guides, and stiffer springs installed. I also got a new 2009 JE 14:1 piston. I was putting the engine back together and after I torqued the head bolts down the piston would come in contact with the head. It would only come in contact when the bolts were torqued, not when they were finger tight. BTW this is on a 04 cylinder. Any ideas on what could be wrong? The 09 head has a different combustion chamber shape so with a 14:1 piston if it is not actually an 09 that may be causing the problem. Any way I can confirm that it is an 09 head other than the exhaust valves (has bronze guides so could be smaller 08-09 size guides in an older head) and the ports (it is ported)? I am gonna compare it to my 07 and see if I can come up with something. It has a Wiseco crank kit in it listed for a 04-07 although I don't think the rod length has changed. I used OEM top end gasket kit P# 06113-KRN-710 which is listed for 09. And yes I installed the piston going the right direction. Tomorrow I am going to take the Wiseco 13.5:1 I had on there before and see if it works. If I don't have any problems with the older piston and can't find any others causes for the issue I will probably just exchange the piston for an early model (non 09) one.
  13. bertocr125

    what holds down the leatt

    Could do something like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110559477442&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT#ht_500wt_956
  14. bertocr125

    Turning and Cornering on a 125

    Learn to control the rear brake very well, it is more important on a two stroke than a four due to the lack of engine breaking. Avoid soft/deep lines as well as dry/slick lines so you can put all the power you have to the ground. Make sure you are in the right gear. Be in the gear which you will only have to clutch it a little to get into the powerband. The clutch is your friend, however if you need to use the clutch for more than maybe two seconds you are in the wrong gear and slowing yourself down. Keep that throttle open and the revs high!