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  1. CR85xpert

    Whos got the most modded dirtbike???

    my 125 threw in the last pic kuz i thought it was cooll..
  2. CR85xpert

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    ***... hope not a serious question
  3. CR85xpert

    My New Graphics and plastics

    looks great! t
  4. CR85xpert

    My new thumper!

    most amazing bikes out, i love how they look. gratz
  5. CR85xpert

    Safety glasses instead of goggles?

    wait... long sleeve shirts are required? I always ride with my jersey sleeves rolled up- would that be tolerated?
  6. CR85xpert

    Safety glasses instead of goggles?

    it should be fine... next test for glasses: MX track.
  7. CR85xpert

    Just picked up a project bike

    gratz on the new bike! keep us posted on ur progress with it.
  8. CR85xpert

    Barcia - Unadilla whip photo

    adam i am so proud of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!( so of course im gonna embarress you) :banana: :lol: :bonk: :lol: :lol: :bonk:
  9. CR85xpert

    Some pics of my 2003 CR250R and CRF450R

    a little steel wool and it all comes off. My quadrants leave a shit load of black marks on my frame. steel wools takes em right off.
  10. sorry to hear about the crash. bike looks GREAT now.
  11. CR85xpert

    my obsession with motocross...

    man your lucky you have that type of attitude! i would rather be like how u are then just call it quits for the day for beefin on a jump. i just wish riding was my way to take my mind off teh cruel world/ solitue and escape from everyday life
  12. CR85xpert

    new moto van

    your going at it all wrong! ... with that purple...couch...thing.., i say add strobe lights and pink shag carpet and make the van for other uses.