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  1. Was it worth it? I already have the pegs in the low boy location. Reversing the mounts only lower the pegs another 7mm. That doesn't seem like much for the amount of work required. Also, how well have they held up?
  2. Spokes

    Fuel leaking from carb

    Any updates on this? My 2007 just started this. Any part numbers? Thanks!
  3. Spokes

    Hardwood Hills Ranch

    Sounds good. The price details are on the website.
  4. Spokes

    Missouri Hardwood Hills Ranch

    HHR has new pricing for 2014. check out HardwoodHillsRanch.com Thanks!
  5. Spokes


    Kole took a pretty hard crash at MORE. He must be over it though. He won the MHSC race on Sunday.
  6. The Leadbelt Enduro is this Sunday at Park Hills! It should be great. Come on out.
  7. I agree with going during the week.
  8. Spokes

    Mature (OLDER) (SLOWER) riders in OKC

    The ODR are a good bunch and they do a lot of work at Draper. Hook up with them. I'll be at the enduro in October. It's always an excellent enduro.
  9. Spokes

    Looking for a group to ride with

    Where did you hear that from? I'm pretty good friends with the guy that heads up the enduro at St. Joe. He told me that some self proclaimed do gooders took some actions in that direction saying the lead content was too high and was dangerous to the users. They had a meeting and DNR proved otherwise. He said the relationship between the riders and DNR was pretty good.
  10. Spokes

    Missouri Hardwood Hills Ranch

    Hardwood Hills Ranch—2011 We begin the third full year of ownership of the Hardwood Hills Ranch at Mansfield, MO, the home of the Hardwood Enduro, MHSC Hare Scramble and The Ozark 100 Miler. HHR was purchased 750 acres on July 11, 2008 by ten dirt bike enthusiasts interested in single track motorcycle only trails. We have a limited number of memberships available for 2011. Memberships are: • $180 for Individual membership. If you are the only rider in the family, the rest of the family is welcome to enjoy Hardwood Hills Ranch, including camping, for this price. They just can’t ride motorcycles or ATVs. • $270 for Family membership. This includes all members Mom, Dad and all the kids, under 18. • $90 for Junior Individual membership. This is for riders 18 to 25 whose parents are members in good standing. • You have the option of making two equal payments. Here’s what you get for your membership: • A key to the property. Come ride anytime you wish., except during events. Plus, the key will let you in the Rock House for use of toilet and shower. • Free Gate Fee. If you come to ride or watch one of the events on the property, you get in free. That can add up quick. • Use of the RV hook ups and lodge at select times. If you haven’t seen the lodge, come on out, We’ll be glad to show you. AND, WE ARE ADDING TWO MORE ELECTIC RV HOOK UPS FOR A TOTAL OF SIX. • And the best single track, period. How do I join? Send me a PM and I’ll be glad to send you a membership form. Or, come on out New Year’s day (or Sunday) and sign up. Thanks!
  11. Spokes

    Missouri Resident Mechanics

    Where in Missouri?
  12. Spokes

    Making trails?

    All good points. We have 27 mile single track loop on 750 acres for our annual enduro and hare scramble. No quads. All cut by hand on foot. We used GPS to get the trails as close as possible without being able to see another section of the trail.
  13. Spokes

    Hare-Scramble Help

    Billy Blue, here in Missouri, yes, there are sweep riders that clean the course. I would not worry about fixing a flat in a HS. Other tools, yes, like an assortment of bolts, hose clamps and ZIP ties, because even with sweep, it can take some time and if you can get mobile and limp back, it better for everyone. I've ridden sweep a few times.
  14. Spokes

    Looking for 93 octane in Springfield area

    I don't remember the name of the station, but it's at the northwest corner of 65 and Sunshine had 93 octane recently.
  15. Spokes

    Chadwick - trail conditions?

    I've met Shane once. He came out to Mansfield for a Poker Run and we talked for a while. We discussed trials tires. I still haven't run one. If you go riding by yourself, be careful.