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  1. Hurricane

    How to set up my bike for hair scrambles

  2. Hurricane

    How to set up my bike for hair scrambles

    I guess I missed something?
  3. Hurricane

    How to set up my bike for hair scrambles

    Bark busters, lower gearing, and flywheel weight.
  4. I ride a lot of single track and do a couple hare scrambles and enduros every year. My last bike was a 07' yz450 set up with a heavy FWW and other woods mods. I was fast on it but would just be worn out from the power and extra weight after a 30 or so miles. When I switched to my KTM 250xcw 2 stroke I have been able to ride much longer but I've always preferred a 4st power delivery. So I'm trying to find a 4 stroke that would be close to weight and power of my 250 2st. I've ridden a couple 250f's and they just seem a little down on power compared to my current bike so that's why I'm thinking the 350 would be good I just don't ride with anyone that has one to ride. As for 350xc vs 350sx can anyone tell me the difference other than the obvious kickstand, tank, and 18" rear? Is the motor/power/powerband the same or detuned on the xc? I believe transmission is 6 six speed but I've read that the ratio's are closer on the xcf but I thought I also read they are the same, is it different on the year of the bike?
  5. So how do you like the sxf in the woods?
  6. Yes my 2009 250 2 stroke is estart and I've used it. Again the older estarts had issues and have probably improved. My bike is not supposed to use the estart unless the bike is already warmed up.
  7. Yes I agree the xc-f probably the way to go but there are lot of good deals on the sxf around me that I could get a low hour one add a kickstand, tank, and even a 18" rear and still come in at less cost, unfortunately I can't afford new. As for suspension I would probably be getting it done for any bike I get since I'm 210 lbs so I'm not too worried about that. I have more concern about the power delivery of the sx vs xc if it will be too abrupt and not be able to lug when needed without riding the clutch all the time. As for electric start failures I have seen many but on older 2000 to 2007 ktm 4 strokes but the kickstarter always kept the day from being ruined. I would assume you're correct that the e-starts have improved over the years so it's not as much as an issue but still worrisome.
  8. I've been trying to decide if I want to get rid of my 09 ktm 250xcw 2 stroke for a 350 too. I had a yz450 before the ktm but it was just too tiring toward the end of 2 hour hare scramble so I sold it and came across a good deal on the 250 so I bought it. I like the 250 2 stroke but I just have always preferred a 4 stroke over the 2 stroke. I'm leaning towards the 350 because I'm afraid a 250 4st will not have enough power and I don't want to get back on the 450 because I already know how they are. I'm also trying to narrow it down between sxf, xcf, and xcfw? There are very few xcfw's around me and they all seem way overpriced so I'm leaning towards the xcf or sxf. My concern with those are anything 2013 and up doesn't have back up kick starters and I ride far from the truck sometimes and have fear of being stranded with dead battery or malfunctioning starter.
  9. Hurricane

    Cycra hanguards

    Bark buster are bark busters no matter the brand and are made for busting bark and protecting everything like hands, levers, bars, etc and flag style handguards are made for protecting your hands from roost and nothing more, they are really two different things. As for what brand is the best Cycra makes good ones but the Tusk cheapos from Rockymountain work just as well and cost a third of the price. It basically just comes down to different ways they mount to your bars and into the bar ends. I currently have Fastway which I think are superior to all of them because they mount to your triple clamp and don't move in a crash like every other brand, including Cycra, has in the past for me. Oh and I think they are cheaper too.
  10. Hurricane

    2011 KLX140L axle size

  11. Hi does anybody know the axle diameter for the KLX140L front and rear? thanks
  12. Hurricane

    KTM OEM exhaust VS Aftermarket?

    I liked the power of the cheapo stock pipe and I've been running a SRT pipe. It is exactly the same as the stock pipe but much thicker and stronger. Oh and it's only $150 new from AOMC.
  13. Hurricane

    '09 250 XC-W bog in 2nd gear...

    No 12:48 would be close to 13:51. I bought my bike used and the P.O. had the jetting really dialed in so I have never even looked at it, I’ve only had the bike a little over a year.
  14. Hurricane

    '09 250 XC-W bog in 2nd gear...

    I've got the same bike and I found 13:51 gearing to my liking. I kept shifting back and forth from 1st to 2nd in the tighter trails because of the lack of power in 2nd, with 51 rear I hardly use first and mainly run 2nd and 3rd. After getting your jetting figured out you may want to look into different gearing again. Have you looked at the JD jetting?
  15. Hurricane


    I've been down there a handful of times and never paid enough attention to the map to see that they were marked. I'll be heading down there next weekend with a large group Friday through Sunday, can't wait! Hopefully we don't get too much rain, that shelf rock gets slick.