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  1. Glennozrx

    Turn Signal Problem HELP PLEASE

    I triple checked everything and everything is good in those areas. I still appreciate the advice. Thanks. I think the problem is deeper.
  2. Glennozrx

    New YZ450F too much?

    I did a little web search; hope this helps? www.vortec.com sells iginitions, but with it comes a handlebar switch to switch between 2 (out of 10)ignition curves. Some are slower delivering power, some are better than stock. You pick 2 on the dial, put the rubber plug back in and fire it up. When you hit the track detune w/ a flick of the switch or amp it up. 450$ and all the top pros use these at one time or another but they work. When its really muddy I use my traction map-so I dont spin wildly when grabbing a handful of throttle. Read more: http://forums.dirtrider.com/70/8117040/honda-dirt-bikes/taming-it-down/index.html#ixzz1fWsQZPQ9
  3. Glennozrx

    Turn Signal Problem HELP PLEASE

    Thanks for the reply but I have already changed the relay and the new relay does the same thing the old one did, it buzzes when switched to the right and blinks correctly when switched to the left. I think the problem is somewhere else in the system. Hoping someone not electrically challenged like me will maybe have seen this problem before and will be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. The BIKE: 1998 KTM 620 R/XC Dual Sport The PROBLEM: No right side turn signal. Relay buzzes when I switch it on to turn right. What I KNOW for sure: The left side blinks perfectly well. I tested the right side blinkers by temporarily wiring them to the left side switch and the blink fine. I also bought and tried a new relay and it does the same buzzing noise when I switch the switch to turn right. $80.00 dollars Using a multimeter and checking the relay plug I get between 3 and 6 volts fluctuating as the left side blinks. When I test the right side wires it it shows very little voltage something like .15volts and the relay just buzzes. Anyone familiar with KTM turn signal systems? Any advice would be great! Thanks
  5. I have a 1998 LC4 RXC 620 and I have over 20,000 miles on it and have only had to do oil changes. Never been apart and never missed a beat.
  6. What brand tires you running? Thanks
  7. Glennozrx

    Question for buellboy_123

    http://trailtech.net/vapor.html This is what I use on my bike because I got tired of breaking speedo cables. Can be set for any bike and any wheel sizes. You enter a simple number based on wheel diameter and it is set.
  8. Glennozrx

    new to me ktm 400... need help

    Nice looking machine. Has a mini toilet paper filter that goes in the aluminum housing and another filter that goes in the casing as described above in other post. KTM World parts is where I get all my goods. I like the site easy to use. Good luck and keep us posted with up dated pics.
  9. Glennozrx

    690 SMC with the edge tail light

    unless you think the tire is going to hit it in extreme bottoming situations. How about a pic of the entire bike?
  10. Buy a FZR 41mm racing carb! I put one on my 98 620 RXC and it feels like it doubled the HP. It sounds like you need to remove your carb. Clean real well with carb cleaner, blow out all passage ways with compressed air, and reassemble. You probably have some dirt or varnish sticksion not allowing the needle and seat to seat properly. Also check that float height is within spec. Good Luck.
  11. Glennozrx

    96 620 mods

  12. Glennozrx

    1997 Rxce 620

    I have a 98 that has never had any engine issues and I've riden it hard since it was new. Great bikes. The electrical issue mentioned above I also had with my 95 RXC 620. Does the 97 have the happy start button? If so it is a major plus. If bike is clean, runs well, and has been maintained I would say go for it, low ball of course first, and see if you can get the price down a little. Good luck. Glenno
  13. Glennozrx

    98 RXCe 620 Stupid question

    I think you can use them to set up different lighting arrangements. If you wanted to install extra lights you can use one position for certain lights and the other for different lights or other accessory's.
  14. Glennozrx

    Run the DR down the strip 1/8 mile ( video )

    You must have been here before? http://zrxoa.org/index.html
  15. The red wire goes to one of two places. Either it goes directly to the tab on the coil and reads the signal from there or it wraps around the spark plug wire five or six times and picks up the signal that way. Connecting to the coil tab is the better way. The black wire must be grounded and grounded well. It can be simply grounded to the frame or like I did grounded to one of the bolts that holds the coil to the frame.