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  1. The Demolisher

    New Stator - higher watts

    Upgraded stator is a must for anybody who rides off-road at night. I'm now running a whole lot of lighting and my battery can stay charged!
  2. The Demolisher

    New Stator - higher watts

    *EDIT* Scratch this post, I was looking at my wiring diagram incorrectly! - The engine is running correctly with the Trail Tech stator but I am still working on getting it to charge the battery.
  3. The Demolisher

    New Stator - higher watts

    I just ordered this: http://goo.gl/9wfPl0 Cheaper there than anywhere else. It was $125 total at checkout. I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. The Demolisher

    CRF250L Modified vs. CRF230R Who Win?

    I haven't been atop an L, but go have a look at their forum and see how their bikes are failing hard before 10,000 miles. That's one year of riding for me. I'll keep my 230!
  5. The Demolisher

    Unbelievable Talent...

    Because who needs tires?
  6. The Demolisher

    How does my bike "limit revs"

    The 96+ XR250R does have a rev limit built into the CDI. You can get different CDI units that plug right in which change the rev limit. I am using a CDI unit made for a CRF230F on mine right now, which has a fairly low rev limit.
  7. The Demolisher

    Bruce's Suspension - Terrain Tamer Forks for XR250

    Let us know how the rear turns out! The rear shock is the worst part of my XR250R.
  8. The Demolisher

    Return of The XR

    Extremely different from any previous WR250F. 2015 YZ250FX to 2015 WR250F, not much difference. Completely different bike than any other year WR250F.
  9. The Demolisher

    Return of The XR

    I'm sure this YZ250FX is way different than the WR250F you have ridden, so I wouldn't make assumptions based off the WR250F. I'm not saying you're wrong at all. I used to ride an earlier model WR250F and it was very "bleh." However, there have been a couple full size bikes that I've ridden which were surprisingly nimble. But who knows? Maybe the YZ250FX is worthless to us! I wouldn't know.
  10. The Demolisher

    Return of The XR

    Can't bash it 'til you ride one. I've ridden a bike that was more nimble than my 230 while having a longer wheelbase and twice the stability on straights!
  11. The Demolisher

    CRF230F Battery Relocation, Anyone?

    I have to agree with the statement about the Hagon. It is a major upgrade over a Hlebo stock shock. I would advise anyone that can afford the Hagon shock to go with the Hagon instead of a rebuild on the stock unit. Sell the stock unit (recoup some money) or keep it, tear it open and play with it. If you only have $200, a rebuild of the stocker will keep most riders safe... for another two years.
  12. The Demolisher

    Why Did You Choose the CRF230?

    It was just the next step up in Honda's trail bike line. Started as a kid... XR100 > CRF150F > CRF230F. Right after I got it, someone told me I couldn't be fast on that type of bike. Challenge accepted. Now I've moved on from racing to exploring and adventuring, because someone told me I could not make it on long trips with the 230. Challenge accepted. I've found it to be unbeatable for long adventures, so I'll be keeping it forever now. I'm not kidding about forever. I want to have this thing in my grave, because this is the bike I would trust to ride through the gates of Hell.
  13. The Demolisher

    230 front fender swap

    The 230F and 150F are the same, so if the 150R fender worked on the 150F it will also work on the 230F. Pretty much any Honda fender is going to work on a 230F. I use a trimmed CRF250X fender on mine because it casts much less of a headlight shadow than the original 230F fender.
  14. On Wednesday, in the United States, the 230 had it's moment of fame when this clip aired on Right This Minute http://www.rightthisminute.com/video/rtmtv-dirt-bikes-get-stuck-no-easy-way-out
  15. The Demolisher

    2005 CRF230 Service Manual?

    Pretty sure the scanned ones were taken down from here. (nevermind!) This has always been good to me: http://goo.gl/69cTnc You don't need a kindle to use it. You can use a phone or PC.