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  1. I'll try. When I look at aftermarket versions all 250 Yamaha are the same over most years, whether they are f models, r models, or x models (mine). Looks like only early 04-06 450,s. Basically I am looking for green plugs for my Yamaha and all manufacturers assume you want even more blue (I don't) so if a Kawi set fit it would be easy. That is why my weird question. I feel I am asking the impossible I fear.....
  2. Anyone know if Yamaha timing and oil filler plugs are the same size as Kawasaki ones? I know, weird random question.
  3. bikebums

    Hot weather offroad helmets

    Leatt helmets are amazingly vented. Not cheap but very light and very cool to ride in.
  4. bikebums

    2017 FE250 spring on oil drain plug magnet

    In addition to this I would try to push it back together as best you can and join it so you can get an approx. size it originally was. That might help narrow it down. It looks bigger than a water pump seal but hard to say. Hopefully not a main crank seal.
  5. bikebums

    Husqvarna mileage question

    Hi everyone. New to the Supermoto forum and I would appreciate your thoughts. I am looking at a couple of Husky SM's, the 450 and 510 around the year 07-08. I know these are not high mileage friendly bike like say a DRZ400 but at what mileage should I be concerned about rebuild, valves, etc? For example, Is 20.000km getting to high to just buy and ride for a season? Thanks for any input ­čĹŹ
  6. bikebums

    Honda Broadens CRF Lineup with Expansive New-Model Launch

    The L model is just screaming for Supermoto wheels!
  7. bikebums

    SRT off-road products?

    I bought a rear fender for my KTM and it sucked! Mold size was off and nothing lined up. It is a complex fender though (09 200xcw).
  8. bikebums

    08 ktm 300 xcw water in transmission oil

    The water pump seal is pretty easy if you are mechanically inclined at all since the pump is on the outside and easily accessible...
  9. bikebums

    08 ktm 300 xcw water in transmission oil

    Breather hose from the power valve could be the cause. Also could be the water pump seal. I did a deep water submerge and water got in somehow. Quite surprised how poor KTM's are for water, despite being an enduro bike. My Kawai was a fish in comparison.
  10. bikebums

    Bike Won't Shift

    Never thought about it but it does shift better if I time the revs right with no clutch. Also easier to put in neutral if the engine is off and I don't use the clutch to find neutral (rock the bike). I have a new DP clutch on it's way so maybe it will improve.
  11. bikebums

    Bike Won't Shift

    Well it isn't so bad to warrant splitting cases yet (a job that sucks). I find it is better with frequent oil changes so I wonder if my clutch is needing to go (it's a Tusk and it drags a bit more than than I would like).
  12. bikebums

    Headlight setup?

    Mine is an 09 so it should be. Take off your seat and it should be visible.
  13. bikebums

    Bike Won't Shift

    Jumping in here but I have the same bike with shifting issues. Would this cause miss shifts and the occasional false neutral?
  14. bikebums

    Headlight setup?

    I don't run the taillight but I believe it is by the air box/tank junction.
  15. bikebums

    Headlight setup?

    Plug and play to stock headlight. Not very bright though. I bought this bulb upgrade hit and it is better. http://www.pmxtec.com/upgrades.htm