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  1. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    Anahiem 3 Lites. WHo got hurt? Red flag?

    It was Max Anstie. Can't find anything on his progress. Looked pretty bad!
  2. Did he whisper this in your ear? Is it from his website? Was it in a book or article he wrote? Was he even serious when he said it (hard to tell sometimes) He is a self admitted fan of Mr. Stewart. Seems he just wants to seperate himself from tools like Jason Ellis. I am ok with that:thumbsup:
  3. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    2009.5 530 EXC Valve Tightenign Question

    If I get 100 hours before a top end job I will be more than happy:thumbsup: I had alot of luck on my 450R and those things can be touchy. I am definately not concerned with routine maintenance but don't want to be concerned with checking these valves after every weekend. Sounds like the valves are hanging tough. So far I am happy I made the switch, the change to KTM has been seemless.
  4. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    2009.5 530 EXC Valve Tightenign Question

    The under the tank emissions sticker calls for .10-.15 for both. That actually works better for me since that puts my exhaust on the looser side of spec with room to tighten up. Feeling better already!
  5. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    2009.5 530 EXC Valve Tightenign Question

    I'll be watching for the oil consumption, just want to make sure valves are right for now! I'll check under the tank now!
  6. It is the 2010 champion Edition, which is basically the 09. Coming off Honda 650R, 450R and CR500, this is my first go round with orange. I just put the first 5 hours on the bike and did the first valve check. Right exhaust was .15, left was .12 (I could shove the .15 but it would be way to tight). Left intake was .10 (real loose .10 but .12 won't go) the right intake was the same. While all four were in spec, they seem like the tighter side of the spectrum. Reading several posts this seems common. Is this a problem? Or the norm. Should I expect these to tighten easily/often? My 07 CRF450R had 60 hours and NEVER had an out of spec valve, just wondering if I really need to watch this or am I good until the 12-15 hour mark? Thanks for any advice! Chris
  7. It was too late, the topic had already been comprimised. I should have been the bigger forum contributer, my bad. I'll go sit in the corner and think about my actions.
  8. I'm over it. I can't stand to read this pro Racing forum half the time due to the redundant B/S that comes through here. I was half hoping this topic would stay on track. Who was I kidding.
  9. I wasn't really thinking this thread had anything to do with our personal feelings about riders. Moreover our opinion of a guy saying some un-professional things at a professional event. But since you brought it up, if Stewart is a douche for all his aforementioned attributes, none of which you can possible comprehend since you have neither his skill, lifestyle, experience, drive, work ethic, money...................what would you call a guy that consistantly whines, cries, makes the dirtiest passes in the sport and purposely takes out the champ? I know, Chad Reed.
  10. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    4 strokes are so much better, huh

  11. Pig_N_CR5hundy

    RD's RD is the rd. Just click *SPOILER*

    You must be bored.
  12. Stewart and Reed have been getting booed, increasingly so over the last year or so. It use to be your occasional drunk letting his opinion be known, usually drown out by applause. Over the last year it has become much worse. Instead of being just a fan of Supercross/racing and rooting for your favorite, seems now one must boo Reed or Stewart. No one else really gets booed. I cannot stand Chad Reed or his cry baby attitude, but I would never boo him.
  13. Metzger was out at Ocotillo Wells riding over the holidays last year. He had set up an EZup was selling hats, shirts and just shooting the sh!t with fellow riders. After signing for awhile he through his helmet on and was about to go do some jumps when he came over and signed a hat for my 4 year old boy. He didn't have to, he just did. After listening to him talk with people and us, he is just a normal family guy, wife and kids. Has a young child he was sitting with in the stands. Just a regular Joe.