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  1. remerson228

    Stock suspension starting point.

    84 views and not one reply. I guess nobody here has a clue about tuning the suspension on a sport quad...
  2. remerson228

    03 kfx 400

    The biggest areas of concern for these machines are the cam chain tensioners and cam chains themselves since they tend to stretch beyond the limit of the tensioner. If you do buy one, I strongly recommend getting a manual tensioner to replace the factory automatic one. I have the Suzuki LTZ 400 which is identical and I love it. A test ride should give you an idea if the power is in the range you're looking for and the fuel consumption isn't bad.
  3. I have an '05 LTZ 400 with stock suspension with the factory settings still applied. In riding gear, I weigh about 230 lbs. and the only weight adding mods are the full length skids, aluminum heel guards, and Fasst Flex bars. I spend 90% of my time riding in the woods and in open areas and about 10% on the track. Even when I'm not in the track, I like jumping but my suspension is a bit too soft and it feels to me like the rebound is a bit too slow. What I'd like are some suggestions on changes that would allow me to jump a little higher and farther (aside from spending a small fortune on Jenny Craig!). Long travel suspension and Elka's are not in the budget for the time being so I need to do the best I can with what I have. TIA guys!
  4. remerson228

    Suzuki LTZ 400 slipper clutch

    I'm interested ina slipper clutch for my '05 Z 400 but i haven't had much luck in locating one. I need some feedback on suppliers, brands, and personal experiences be them good or bad. Thanks guys.
  5. remerson228

    Engine vent hoses

    Judging by the exterior design of the box, I assume that the oil is returned to the crank case via the lower hose, but I'm not certain.
  6. remerson228

    Engine vent hoses

    Evil how? It's not like the box weighs anything or takes up precious room. There's no performance gain to be had by removing it, and it keeps oil residue off the motor and you while you ride. The only down side I can see is that it gets in the way of the stock CCT on the ltz 400, but since I have an Ape, it really doesn't matter.
  7. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    My thanks to S Moore. Finally! Someone who knows what I'm talking about. I'm not looking to get a huge power increase from an aftermarket cdi like most people seem to think. Anyway, I have hit the stock limiter on mine from time to time, but it's usually when I'm racing across a field or somewhere where I can run flat out. Based on your experience, I think I'll get the Hot Cams first and see what happens. If I get on the limiter much, I'll look toward a cdi box with an increased limit. Again, thanks for your help.
  8. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    Is nobody paying attention here? Everyone has advice, yet nobody seems to understand what results I'm looking for. I asked a couple of questions regarding CDI boxes and all of the sudden people are telling me I need to do this, and do that without even realizing that I've already done some of these things and posted it previously (current mods are also in my garage). For anyone interested in what I want, read on. If not, here's where you stop. Ok, what I'm looking to do is give my motor more in the mid to top end range power. I'm perfectly content with the low end torque it has. I'm not trying to build a racer - what I want is a solid, dependable, and durable quad for riding in about any condition imaginable short of sand dunes (we have a shortage of those in east tennessee). And I want to do this without spending a small fortune and doing any major engine mods. Aside to whats already been done to my quad, I plan to add stage 1 Hot Cams and they dyna non-programmable cdi box. I think these mods will help out with the mid to top end power that I'm after, and I won't bust my wallet in the process. If anyone has experience with a similar setup, I'd love to hear your experience, be it good, bad, or otherwise.
  9. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    If you look back at post #3, you'll see that Stage 1 Hot Cams are part of my plan.
  10. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    The box is the issue in regards to more efficient combustion, which does translate into more power. I'm not looking to an aftermarket cdi as a solution for more power, but rather a part of a power adding package that will give me the most bang for the buck.
  11. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    Thanks, guys. I think the non-programmable version will suit my needs just fine. One more question though. I understand that the spark is supposed to be hotter, so I'm wondering if there's any advantage to be gained by increasing the plug gap and /or changing to a different heat range when I install the new box, and if so, what plug should I try and how much should I increase the gap?
  12. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    I wouldn't want one like that anyway. If you don't know how to tune an ignition curve, you'll wind up decreasing performance. I'm not trying to build a super-fast drag quad, just a good all around machine that has about 25% more power than a stock unit.
  13. remerson228

    Eddie...Dynatek CDI?

    Is the non-programmable box set up on the same curve as stock only with an increased rev limit? It seems to me that the only way to benefit from changing the curve would be with fairly radical mods such as a big bore and/or stroker kit. I've got an '05 LTZ 400 and I've already done the 3x3 mod, K&N with an outerwear, rejetting, and full LRD exhaust and plan to add stage 1 Hot Cams when I can get my hands on them. Would the benefit of the programmable model be worth the added cost?
  14. remerson228

    Light knocking noise

    I got mine on e-bay and if memory serves, I gave $66 including shipping.
  15. remerson228

    Light knocking noise

    That certainly makes sense because I just had that assembly apart installing the new chain. It's possible I didn't get it tight enough. I'll tear it down tonight and check it. Thanks for the reply.