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    Finding time to ride Baja!
  1. brett frederickson

    EC300 2018 starter issues

    Picked up my new 2018 EC300 last week, went to start battery was dead. It will kick start just fine and now that battery is charged motor will turn over but wont start. has anyone heard of this? Are there any know issues I should be aware of on this year model? Asked local dealer about starting issues and they are not aware of this... any help would be greatly appreciated that said this is the best out of the box bike I have ever owned.
  2. brett frederickson

    Rekluse EXP 2.0 For Sale

  3. brett frederickson

    El Buque! 2005 450x rebuild

    Getting closer!
  4. brett frederickson

    El Buque! 2005 450x rebuild

    UPDATE: on the last day prerunning the Baja 1000 it happened!NO start! What the hell thats why I didnt ride my 250x. Valve issues seem to follow me! and then the starter clutch failed. So I sold the 250x and have spent some time and $$ making the 450x baja ready! cylinder AS racing trx valve port and polish cam 450R piston factory starter clutch clutches full tear down included all new bearings, new shifter, brake pedal, polish frame and sub frame, powder coat hubs, new excel black wheels, new plastics, hid light in stocj housing,new dunlops hb tubes, new bars and a new seat. pics to follow!
  5. brett frederickson

    so i wanted some new lights

    Ricky Stator is legit! We have been using thier sevices for over 15 years of baja racing (250r quads, 400ex, trx450, 450x,250x) and never had a failure other than something we damaged! My 250x with the Ricky Stator HID in the stock light is awesome for tight single track riding and the full race setup on my 450x with the 8inch HID is great for Baja. That said I would never prerun or leave for a race without a spare rectifier. Thanks Ricky Stator for a awesome product!
  6. brett frederickson

    Baja cell phone

    Funny but true! Name, blood type arenow on my helmet ! The rest in a zip lock in my right front pocket!
  7. brett frederickson

    Baja cell phone

    Our class1 team spent $$$. We had 10 Sat Phones 12 telcel 15 plus At@t phones make a master list for everyones pit books I took the time to program my personal sat, race car sat, tel cels and put all the important #s on speed dial Heres what we learned in 3 weeks of prerunning the 2010 1000 and doing the race Every chase truck had 1 telcel 1 at&t phone (hacked, unlocked whatever you want to call it) 2 radios 1 for chasing (talking chase to chase, bfg or weatherman) 1 for race frec 1 iradium 1 globalstar (they sponsored us) 1 lap top with tel cel air card 1 we also hide spot trackers on the chase trucks (reset every morning and replaced batteries every 2 days our fab guy made really cool little boxs on the chase racks so they wouldnt get stolen) *prerunning at&t phones worked in almost every city from TJ to Lapaz and almost all highway sections on freeway 1 north of San Ignacio. from San Ignacio to Insurgentes its spoty at best. from insurgentes south no problem. In the dirt telcel seemed to work better even though the at@t phone roamed with telcel. We hardly used the Sat phones and when we did it was the iradium. (we tried to use the Globalstars but never seemed to work) * RACE DAY - use radio first - try cel - use Iradium (worked great day one then got spoty on day 2 of the 1000 systems overloaded with broken racers and all the teams calling diffrent pits) - on our class 1 we had the sat hardwired and set to auto answer (home base would call when the car stopped moving on the spot or tracker) if the engine was running we knew they were still moving. Never got around to bluetooth setup but that was next. - use a home base in the states for everyone to call or check in. (someone on the computer 24/7) - home base would send out a mass text on SAT and at@t phones every 1hr if car was moving or every 15 min if car was stopped (this keeps everyone from calling each other) - get the toll free iradium # so if your wife calls your phone in the truck your not billed $10.00 a min - calling sat phone to sat phone on race day is almost imposible but can be done(just keep dialing) - we use the text feature on the sat and cell alot it would send the text when it got signal Globalstar tips -dont use one your wasting your money. We got them for free and gaveup on trying to use them. Iradium tips - get the external mount antenna - do not leave or take your eye off the sat (we lost 2 in 2010 one stolen off the dash the other stolen from the tool box in the prerunner. - we used inverters the 110 charger is better than the car charger and faster We also had a full mil spec sat dish and wireless internet on our motorhome. Worked great for updating facebook but not much else!lol... dont tell the Dr, that! hope this all helps brett
  8. brett frederickson

    2012 Baja 1K - Course Questions

    Scott, is the course going to take the pole line from San Matias then go Borego to 3 poles then south or is it going to take the new wash from the SF250 this year? thanks
  9. brett frederickson

    Baja cell phone

    AT&T and Tmobil are the best US telcoms they will roam with several diffrent carriers like Telcel and Movistar etc. If you have a smart phone shut off your Data internet or your gonna pay.
  10. brett frederickson

    Hilarious - Baja, relationships, excuses, etc. - Enjoy!

    I wanna see part 2! Honey Iam racing the baja 1000! Honey racing the 1000 is safer than driving the 405 during rush hour! If I stop and wait for the first few Trophy Trucks to pass I will be just fine no one else will pass me! I have a little flashing light on my back pack every one will see me! Dont worry I packed a spot and sat phone, I can call for help and tell them where Iam at! My husky has never given my any trouble in Baja! The guys on TT say its easy anyone can race the 1000! If Surf n Ride can do it on a Honda, I will have no problems finishing on my Husky!lol...
  11. brett frederickson

    El Buque! 2005 450x rebuild

    440 Miles in Baja EL BUQUE did me right! pine forest san matias gas stop OX diablo border
  12. brett frederickson

    skid plate

    I have a light speed on my 250x and a flatland on my 450x. theres more protection with the flatland for sure! Dosent look as cool but it serves its purpose.
  13. brett frederickson

    skid plate

    carbon fiber ones are nice but Flatlandracing is the only way to go!
  14. brett frederickson

    El Buque! 2005 450x rebuild

  15. brett frederickson

    El Buque! 2005 450x rebuild

    Shes alive! fork tubes wasted looking for new forks 450r x or 250r x nice patina even after cleaning out riding!