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  1. SheWolf

    How many miles does YOUR WRR have on it???

    I've got close to 11k on mine. I can't get enuf of riding it. Any time I can spare, I'm rippin er up.
  2. SheWolf

    What size rear sprocket on a WR250R

    I've swapped my 13 to 12, swapped back and forth, same nut, no problems. The 12T will be the cheaper route by far.
  3. SheWolf

    Removing the air box

    How long have you been riding?
  4. SheWolf

    YZ 250F exhaust on WR 250R

    I talked to him about his bike, and he had to beat the hell out it the pipe to make it fit. He's also running different gearing too.
  5. SheWolf

    FMF Programmer Install and Tuning tips

    Not that I have seen. Some are using velcro.
  6. The power output of the bike is pretty impressive. What else are you running? I run heated grips, seat, vest and another aux 12V outlet I can plug anything into, and there is plenty of crank from that thing.
  7. SheWolf

    How good is the wr250r/x seats?

    I shaved mine and it feels really nice. I can ride on it all day. The seat on my bike, that is.
  8. SheWolf

    08 WR250r Power Commander V

    You can use it on the 08. Others have.
  9. SheWolf

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    I haven't snagged a SpeedoDRD yet, it's on the list of farkles. I've been using a GPS for some rides, and I know where my speed is after matching it with the GPS. I'm a little closer as it is due to the bigger tires I'm running too. I didn't care for the stockers, they lasted 50 miles before I ripped them off of there and put on some real skins.
  10. SheWolf

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    No worries, I was kinda going...wait a minute... EFI programmer is a must. I went with the 12 up front as a cheaper alternative than getting a bigger chain, bigger rear sprocket, and still be able to lift that wheel.
  11. SheWolf

    Revloc Dyna-Ring Automatic Clutch

    The unit wasn't working properly, so he pulled it out and went with the standard Revloc until they can come up with a fix.
  12. SheWolf

    Revloc Dyna-Ring Automatic Clutch

    He's not running it anymore because it didn't quite work...
  13. SheWolf

    XTZ 250 Lander

    That is one sweet little bike!
  14. SheWolf

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    Yeah...a jet kit on a FI bike?
  15. SheWolf

    Need Recommendation FMF Q4 or FMF Power Core 4

    I thought the same thing, but apparently, even with the quiet insert on the PC4, it's still louder than the Q4.