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  1. Jim_bo

    Where are the cheap YZ250Fs??

    holy smokes. That's amazing.
  2. Jim_bo

    Where are the cheap YZ250Fs??

    Just bought one at Chaparral for $5400 OTD. Not bad, but I was hoping for $5k.
  3. If so, does anyone have a like new WR 250 rear wheel they'd like to swap for a 19" YZ wheel??
  4. I saw people posting about cheap YZ250Fs (i.e. $4,000). Where do you get one of those in So. Cal????
  5. Where do I get a 2009 YZ250F for $3990?????
  6. Jim_bo

    jawbone sat sun

    Jawbone sucks after the state spent half of its annual budget buying "trail closed" signs. Just a bit more of a drive and the best desert riding that I have ever done right outside of Ridgecrest (that's where I live). I used to camp at Jawbone at least a couple times a year. In my opinion, its not even worth doing now.
  7. I am advertising a bike in the classified section of thumpertalk. I got a reply that looks just like one of those scam deals. I think everyone should be aware and the moderators should take action. The reply follows:
  8. Jim_bo

    San Bernardino National Forrest

    Ok, I just called the number posted above. There are two staging areas available that allow overnight camping: Miller Canyon (2N37) or Pinnacles. These can be seen on the map Miller Canyon would be much easier to get to (I believe), but it is very small. Has anyone staged there before? Is it too small to park a couple of toyhauler RV's?
  9. Jim_bo

    San Bernardino National Forrest

    We are going through MotoVentures at Glen Helen on friday, 25 April. Camping and riding to follow!!
  10. Jim_bo

    San Bernardino National Forrest

    Walt, Are all the trails we rode accessible from there? Do you have any directions on how to get there? Maybe a google map? Thanks for the help!!! BTW... is your wife up for dirtbike school????
  11. Jim_bo

    San Bernardino National Forrest

    Walt, My wife and a few other women are going to dirtbike school at Glen Helen. Afterwards we are going to camp out for the weekend. I thought that Pinnacles would be as good a place as any to go. It's just going to be a weekend of "girl-rides". However, I am concerned about the posts here. Are the trails closing? Is there any good riding left? If this isn't a good place to go... does anyone have a recommendation for some good trail riding around glen helen that we can stage an RV at? I guess that area isn't like the desert that I live in!
  12. Jim_bo

    San Bernardino National Forrest

    Really? I rode the trails in there before (except I came in from Silverwood Lake). I thought there were some pretty cool trails there. Am I wrong?
  13. Has anyone RV camped at the Pinnacles site in the San Bernardino National forrest? I am interested to know how accessible it is.
  14. Wayne, While that is all genuinely uplifting... it has practically NOTHING to do with restoring our rights to our public lands. Do you really think your event will do ANYTHING towards the reopenning of all the great singletrack at Jawbone? Hell no! So, once again... I recommend that those who wish to participate in the "feel good" side of our cause should start a seperate thread. However, I see the utter futility in placing a band-aid over a sucking chest wound.
  15. OK.... the Jawbone event is coming up and it is a worthwhile deal.... I'm sure that would make a great thread on its own. However, this thread is about taking back our land from the enviro-vultures. So... unless we can show how the Jawbone event will get those Damn red "trail closed" signs taken down, this topic should be discussed in a different thread.