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  1. one_half_wuff

    Knock on deceleration only.

    Thanks guys for the input. I'm scheduled to be off all most 3 weeks around the Christmas holidays and am planning to go over it thoroughly and do as many of the fixes as I can. Wuff
  2. one_half_wuff

    Knock on deceleration only.

    Sorry, the carb slide. And no, the locktite fixes have not been performed and neither has the timing chain fix and that is what I thought at first but since it was only happening when, for example, you rolled it on in 4th gear then let off. Will perform those other mods. Thx
  3. one_half_wuff

    Knock on deceleration only.

    Yes, super unleaded. The noise is almost like the slide is banging up and down against it's stop a few times before it quits.
  4. one_half_wuff

    Knock on deceleration only.

    Just started knocking on deceleration in gear only. Noise appears to be from top front of engine. Starts and idles OK no knocking even when you rev in at idle. Bought bike new. 8000 miles. Change oil every 1000 miles. Yosh pipe 3X3 mod, jet kit. No trouble till now. any ideas? Wuff
  5. one_half_wuff

    Aprilia Dorsoduro 750!!

    First pricing I saw in Motorcyclist or CW was $14K which I though was over the moon as the Shiver which is similar is only $9K. But later reports have said in the $10K range as it has some upgrades from the Shiver. And, if they price it much higher it will be in the Tuono range. I've sat on the Shiver and it is a nice bike for the money. I don't think it will have the bottom end steam of the Hypermotard but it should be a match just about everywhere else. Wuff
  6. one_half_wuff

    D208 SM Tires..What lasts longer??

    The 208 on mine is gone too and I am wondering if any of you guys have tried the Metzler Sportech M3 in 150/60??? Wuff