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  1. CowboyBob

    TC 250f vs KTM 200 EXC? Input?

    The KTM weighs damn near what the Husky does. Re-Jet the Husky and go for a Ride!
  2. Nice looking Bike! There's a Leo on E-Bay right now, Brand New one! The Buy it now was CHEAP too! It looks like the one in the Pics there..........
  3. CowboyBob

    Clutch Slave Going Dead

    Call me George. I have the perfect guinea pig. Cowboy
  4. CowboyBob

    Te 250 Bigger tank

    I have an IMS that I do not use any longer. $150 OBO would make me happy. It's the 3.4 Gallon Model and it's set up for a Dry Break but you can get the screw cap adaptors for $60 or so at Chapparal. Shoot me a e-mail to: bfurman602@aol.com or PM me here.
  5. CowboyBob

    Which handguards are these?

    I have 2 or 3 sets of those acerbis deals but they are missing the inboard clamp. Good replacements for someone that has them already. They are Blue. Contact me if you are interested.
  6. CowboyBob

    TC vs TE head bearing

    The Bearings and Seals are different between the 2005 TE and TC Bikes. The Steering Stop on the Frame is different as well.
  7. CowboyBob

    quick question on wheels

    No, I ain't keen on shipping to Ireland. Mr. Fishstiks (got a few Husky things on EvilBay right now)
  8. CowboyBob

    05 TC 250 Runs rich at idle

    38 is WAY too lean unless you are running an Exhaust that is corked up quite a bit. Especially at <70 Degrees! Keep an eye on the plug.
  9. CowboyBob

    WTF! CycleNews 450 Off-Road Shootout..NO HUSKY!

    Try Harder?????? Like How????? You saying they need to pull the "Packing Peanuts" out of the Muffler?????? (Now you HAVE to tell the story Mr. Tone)
  10. CowboyBob

    TE250 vs CRF250X

    LOL, Nothing like stirring the Pot! The one thing I did not mention is how cool and helpful most Husky owners are as compared to the "normal public". It's cool that this did not degenerate (for the most part) into a bunch of opinions that had nothing to do with the topic. At the end of the Day both are good Bikes. The Hondas Valves can be fixed. the Husky weight and handling may me a different story.
  11. CowboyBob

    TE250 vs CRF250X

    As compared to a 2004 250X which needs different Triple Clamps (I found that BRP 22's work well but you may not need them on 2005 or later versions) to make it work really well....................... The Husky is a slower turning Bike with a Higher CG. The Husky has 1" less ground clearance and a Seat that is aout 1" higher. The Husky has a SKATEY feel in the front end that you will NEVER make go away. The Husky is almost bulletproof, the Honda has Valve issues. Even as compared to a HIGHLY modified Honda, the Husky makes more Power from top to bottom. The Husky has a Warranty, the Honda has nothing. I have ridden both bikes back-to back and this is my opinion of them "as a comparison". I am not interested in hearing about how "wrong" I am from some JACKASS that has no experience with BOTH BIKES on the SAME DAY back to back.
  12. CowboyBob

    WTF! CycleNews 450 Off-Road Shootout..NO HUSKY!

    Guys, This has been covered NUMEROUS times already.................... Tests are advertising. Husky sells all the TE's they can make, they do not need to advertise. The TC gets HORRIBLE reviews so there is no reason to send one of those out either. Husky has someone that handles all the Bikes that are sent for testing and currently there are NO Bikes being made available to ANY Magazine. With the pending BMW transaction, do not expect Husky to put any money in advertising anytime soon either.
  13. CowboyBob

    05 TC 250 Runs rich at idle

    42 Pilot and stock Needle (OBDVR is what comes to mind) in the very bottom (Richest) Clip
  14. CowboyBob

    TOMMASELLI handle bar strength?

    Those stock Bars are made of Metal colored Butter. I would not take the Cross Bar off. I have a stack of bent ones in the Garage.
  15. CowboyBob

    2007 YZ144 head shake

    1st= Sag 2nd= Double check #1 Where is it Headshaking? If it's down a Sandwash in 4th 5th or 6th that's normal. Your Steering Bearing would have to be really loose to cause what you are calling "Headshake" but check them. Certain Tires on the front can cause more (Maxxis Desert IT) or Less (MAxxis SI) headshake. My 2003 KX 125 really worked great with an SI Front, took what little shake there was right away.