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  1. Thanks for all of the opinions and suggestions. So far it's not leaking but I've only taken a short ride around the neighborhood. I'm going to try it on a long ride and see what happens.
  2. BryanR

    OOPS- went too far!

    I busted my rear turn signal and replace it with an entire UFO tail light assembly cheaper than the cost of one Suzuki turn signal. The only drawback is that the lights are a lot smaller than the stock assembly.
  3. Hey Gang, did you ever take a week off work planning several rides only to go out to the garage the Sunday evening before your first ride to find a pool of oil under your bike? That just happed to me so wanted to get some thoughts on what I did next. There’s a small dent with a crack in the front of my crankcase cover and then another crack about ¼ inch away from the dent right on the front outer edge. Both are seeping oil. I wiped down the area and filled both cracks with JB Weld. Do you all think the JB Weld will hold since I applied it while oil was still very slowly seeping out of the crack? If it does hold, how long do you think it will hold? Assuming it holds, would you go on a ride on Mon and then buy a new cover on Tues when the shops open or would you ride it indefinitely until it started to leak again? JB Weld’s been holding my turn signal together for years but then again it’s not a critical part and it doesn’t get hot. Thanks, Bryan
  4. BryanR

    The "Perfect" Tires for DRZ "S" Model

    When I used to ride more dirt than street my perfect tires were the Dunlop 606s, now that ride more street than dirt my perfect tires are the Maxxis 6006s. Both are way more dirt oriented than the trailwings but not as good on road. The Maxxis 6006 are the best all around tires that I have tried.
  5. BryanR

    The Best DRZ400 seat money can buy !

    Are you interested in selling the Corbin seat?
  6. BryanR

    trailwings on dirt roads

    I think the trailwings are fine for dirt roads, in fact I think they are good for everything until it gets wet. When things got muddy I would constantly drop my bike and get stuck. I switched to D606s and they are much more dirt worthy and I won't go back to trailwings but I do miss them for street riding.
  7. BryanR

    Antifreeze shelf life?

    Thanks for the reply. I got the 2 years from the manual. How often do you think it should be changed?
  8. BryanR

    Antifreeze shelf life?

    Does antifreeze go bad just sitting on the shelf in a previously opened container? For example, let's say you just bought a gallon of antifreeze and you used 1.3 quarts in your DRZ. Now let's say you replaced the cap and placed the unused portion on the shelf. Will it still be as good as new when you go to change your DRZ coolant in 2 years? Thanks, Bryan
  9. I just changed my coolant for the first time and it was a bit of a pain so I thought I'd post some tips for any other first timers; although, I'm sure this info exist somewhere else on the site but I doubt it's condensed in one post. 1) Remove right plastic from radiator, easy 3 bolts 2) Remove small Phillips screw from radiator cap. This was a pain because I nearly ripped my radiator off trying to take off the cap before I noticed the screw. 3) Remove the drain bolt from the water pump. Here's a link of a pic I got from another post, it's the #10 bolt. http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/300_0313/water_pump/water_pump.cfm?man=su&groupid=1640&parent=1610 4) Remove the radiator cap. OK, you'll think that it will be easy now that you have removed the screw, nope, still a pain, twist counterclockwise. 5) Move your catch pan about 1 foot away from the drain hole, it comes out fast. The flow will soon slow and begin dripping out, move the catch pan back under the hole. Now move it back out again because it will soon start squirting out fast again. I dunno what gives, just go with it. 6) Remove the bleeder bolt from the top of the left radiator. 7) Replace the drain plug from the water pump. 8) Fill new antifreeze. I used Prestone that was already premixed, it said it was good to use on aluminum motors. 9) Replace bleeder bolt. 10) Top off antifreeze, replace cap and replace plastic. Throw away the little screw that was originally hidden in the cap. Good luck.
  10. BryanR

    what bike did your DRZ replace ?

    My 400S replaced my '94 CBR1000. I had both for a while and found that I was enjoying the light weight, upright sitting position, wheelying and stoppying (if that's a word) so much that I rarely rode my CBR so I sold it.
  11. BryanR

    Split this forum?

    nope, too much overlap
  12. BryanR

    Battery Tender Question

    Thanks for all the comments. I left it on for a day and evidently it continued to charge even though it was on green because the next day it started. I do live in the south and I do sometimes let the battery go completly dead (don't ride enough) which sounds like that's not a good combination. I think my battery is on its last legs because I had just ridden it the week before (had to charge it first then too). Oh well, if it dies I'll just buy my 3rd battery and this time keep it charged with the battery tender to avoid complete discharges and hopefully it will last longer than two years. At least I know my battery tender works; although, it is weird that it turned to green with the battery still being severly discharged. Thanks, Bryan
  13. BryanR

    Battery Tender Question

    I 've been struggling with keeping my battery charged and have seen so many testimonials on this site about the battery tender that I bought a battery tender jr. Well, I put it on tonight and it was red for about a minute and then turned green. I thought wow that was fast. But when I tried to start my bike I just got the familiar clicking from not enough battery power to start . Has anyone else experienced this? Is my new battery tender defective? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Bryan
  14. BryanR

    billet end cap question

    Was the installation as simple as unbolting the stock cap and bolting on the new cap?
  15. BryanR

    DOT Tires

    I've got Dunlop D606s. They seem to wear OK on the street but are way more slipery than the stock tires, no more stoppies the front wheel just slides. On the dirt they work great, way better than the stock tires. I can take hills and mud that I couldn't even think about with the stock tires.