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  1. crf2fiddy

    Engine seized, hope not!!

    as for it seizing up, its possible that as it barly started it could of hydrolocked (to much fuel in the jug), removing the spark plug will allow you to get at tdc if it has hydro locked. even if the orginal owner had new valves put in if they didnt have the seats cut or he lapped the stock titanium valves ( would of removed the coating) the new valves wont last very long at all. any information on the bike as for model age 04,05,06,07,08 etc.
  2. crf2fiddy

    Cleaning "Dirt Spots" on Frame

    nothing more than time and a bit of elbow grease will get those out, pain in the ass i know
  3. crf2fiddy

    CRF STUFF Team Replica Oversize Rotor Upgrade Part II

    i prefer the jagged edge design, the other one dont look right to me
  4. crf2fiddy

    Frame question

    2008 and 2009 there where slight changes with the fram with the adition of the hssd which also i belive moves cdi mounts around asthe 07 and older cdis mount center behind the front number plate, as for suspension it should all mount up with out modification, thaty havnt really changed the swing arm, but i belive in certain years they changed the rake it in the fram which i belive was in 06 n 07 and then in 08 they came out with the different offset clamps which work great.
  5. crf2fiddy

    i need some adjustments on an 06 crf250r

    the 06's crfs are renound for there bog issues, i belive that it wasnt helped with the fact the carb was slightly bigger, accelerator pumps are a waste of money and usually do not fix the bog, like others have said there are other expensive options, like tip ty, tm or a rd powerbowl thingy, but if you dont really want to go that route try riding smoother and rolling on the throttle instead of wacking it open
  6. crf2fiddy

    interesting... hard to start.. WHILE HOT!

    crfs are specially hard to start when hot or cold and thats with out valve issues, somebody who has owned a crf for awhile will know that its a pain, and there is a knack to starting it, sounds like you know this so first thing is to check your hot start, sometimes the plunger can seize shut and not work, and make sure its properly adjusted aswell, but other than that, tdc and firm kick and no gas
  7. crf2fiddy

    Engine oil in air box after crash

    i had the same thing happen to me and it took us a while to work out what happened and in the end i hydrolocked my bike due to the oil goin through the carb and on top of the piston. basically when the head is lower than the the bottom end the oil runs up the cam chain voidand into the head, it then passes throught the cam breather tube(its a y thing there) once it fills up the capped end it will run straight into your airbox, its honda trying to be enviromentaly friendly by catching the oil.
  8. crf2fiddy

    engine problems, whats causing it?

    so what if you just installed 2 new fresh valves, if you didnt get the seats cut then well its just a pointless exersise
  9. why does everyone say buy another leatt, these things are designed to be fully rebuilt so you dont just wast how much you paid for it, most deallers which sell leatts should be able to get you the parts you need.
  10. crf2fiddy

    engine problems, whats causing it?

    yes thats it. just dont ride it anymore till you replace them, i was very lucky mine didnt let go but it was really close to. cheaper to just send the head of to one of the guys cause if you buy a second hand 07 head you will still need the valve seats cut
  11. crf2fiddy

    engine problems, whats causing it?

    basicallywhere the valce head and the stem join is where it usually stretchs, if you take the valve out you will see that part of the valve stem is thinner, hense why it has zeroed out, now what people tend to do is bump start there bikes and as the stem reaches a certain point it snaps and you have a nice little mess in your engine. time for four new valves and to get the valve seats professionaly cut, williams does a awsome job so dose agent and rob.
  12. crf2fiddy

    engine problems, whats causing it?

    oh dear. yes your bike wont start with the right intake valve zeroed out okay i lie it will but its not worth trying to it ends up costing more money. you say your going to but in a set of almost brand new valves ? i may be 17 but you need new valves like in packet new no hours, cause as soon as you run valves you ever so slightly change the surface of the valve as it beds in so you might aswell scrap them or you will replace then within a few hours. make sure you get your valve seats cuts, i think this is where most of thishonda and valve issue comes from is from people who let dirt in for a start and those who dont cut the seats when installing new valves.
  13. crf2fiddy

    engine problems, whats causing it?

    im not a expery on engines but i have rebuilt mine a few times,you say you just put one new exhuast valve in? did you re cut the the seat for that, and i always thought it was best to replace at least both valves. as for the hiss thats just the air moving throught the valves or well thats what mine sounds like, or you havnt torqued it down correctly.
  14. crf2fiddy

    finally wanna fix this

    i dont think you need to do the ap mod on the 06 crf, i thought thats was just 04 and 05. you need the jd jetting kit, and you really dont need a fuel screw my pen knife does great as it is.
  15. crf2fiddy

    please help. 250 dirt bike

    theres only one bike you want and thats a honda.