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  1. ty_gto

    Big bore & Cam install overview

    looking forward to the write up...
  2. my drz stocker is 9.1lbs
  3. Where at in Indiana are you located?
  4. Thanks a lot Greg! I appreciate those encouraging words.
  5. Yep! I took the stock endcap and sprayed it with PVA (release), then gelcoated it, layed up on that. once that dried i pulled it off and used mold cleaner then mold sealer and a final release for the clear gel coat. sprayed a layer of clear gel coat and used epoxy then vacuum bagged it.
  6. the license plate is mounted to the airbox behind the tire... i only use the bike to ride around town, no offroading here....
  7. here is a vid of the exhaust completed... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGNtLq7JrK4
  8. I am sorry Erling, i meant to put 1:3 and add that the epoxy comes with little pumps with the ratio already built into the pump so when you use one pump of resin, you then use one pump of hardener. You can't mess up the mixing ratio that way, unless you forget how many pumps you used haha. The only type of tank we have done with constant liquid in it was and oil tank for a Harley Davidson. It was a 2 piece tank and even had some fittings installed. My boss installed the fittings then layed carbon around them then just glued the 2 halves together and used gas tank sealer. We have made some carbon fiber "skins" for an HD gas tank. Have you thought about doing that?
  9. Sounds like a good plan! If you end up using epoxy, you should look into using some release film on the last layer. It will make the resin completely smooth and there wont be any exposed material. When we seam our parts together we use a two part epoxy structual glue and some carbon fiber strips. It holds up at 275 mph on our alcohol dragster rear wings! The product we use is http://www.itwplexus.com/home.html .
  10. Thanks Erling! We use West Systems epoxy resin. Its high qaulity and very easy to use on vacuum bag parts as well as wet lay up. The system we use is a 1:1 resin to hardener ratio and they have a few diff. hardeners for diff. weather. What are you going to use to put the two halves together?
  11. Great ideas Greg! I decided that i wanted to keep the cost of the aftermarket add ons low, as i only use the bike to ride around the city. I have about $67 in the exhaust as of now so i think i accomplished my goal of a custom look without spending a lot of money. I will have to look into mounting the license plate there. I think that would look real cool! I am waiting on getting the exhaust back from powder coat right now, then i think i am going to try to relocate the plate! The flattracker style would have looked sweet too, but i am done messing with the exhaust haha. Thanks Greg!
  12. the rr muffler added almost 2lbs to the bike. i am not to worried about the weight, i only use the bike for daily commuting.
  13. Looks like you have a good handle and knowledge of this. I work for a composite shop that makes race car parts ( http://www.gospitzer.com/06composites.htm ) and we make 2 piece carbon fiber puke tanks for alcohol dragsters. We make them with epoxy resin and vacuum bag them with realease film. We have absolutely no problems with product failure even running oil and alcohol in them when a car hiccups. We have not ever used poly resin but i would think that you wouldn't have any troubles if you sealed the tank! Looks good! I am no expert this is just my 2 cents.