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  1. darmstadter

    11 kx 250f more power less falling on its face?

    I have a 2011 250f and what do I need to do to re-map my bike? Thanks for any help. Mark
  2. darmstadter

    SEARCHING FOR: 2012 kx250f MUFFLER

    Stock.. I'd rather spend the $1000 on keeping the motor and tires fresh.
  3. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    Gonna ride a track in Kirksville Mo. tomorrow then head to winterset for practice Sunday on my way back from Illinois.
  4. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I'll be at Fiddlercreek this weekend. Going up Sat. afternoon and racing Sunday. And as of now, this maybe my last race for sometime as I'm now laid off work. Hopefully it wont last long but who knows.
  5. darmstadter

    Dealer incentive on 2011 leftover?

    Last July I paid $5705 otd for my 11..
  6. darmstadter

    POST your 2011 250f FAILURES

    No hour meter on mine. Raced it 7 times so far. No problems as of yet.
  7. darmstadter

    need help finding stolen bike

    I have 3 bikes and it costs me $225a year to insure all of them.
  8. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

  9. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I'm not sure, but I'll be on your team if you want. I might try it just see what the weather is like.
  10. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I should leave to abbott by 10 tomorrow. Just depends on how good the beers going down tonight.
  11. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I plan to go to Abbott Sunday.
  12. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    Track was perfect along with the weather. Hope to go next weekend also.
  13. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    Bikes are from 10 to 2 and quads after that. Sat. is bikes all day 10 to 6.
  14. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I'm going to abbott Sunday from 10 to 2.. Like to make saturday also but dont think its gonna happen.
  15. darmstadter

    Omaha Riders!

    I'll be at winterset Saturday also for practice. A lot of racers from Omaha are going over there friday night and staying all weekend. I should get there sometime Friday afternoon and will stay until Monday after the races.