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    trail riding, HS racing, paintball, snowboarding, fishing, bmx
  1. roostboy wr250f

    graphics for an 02 yz250f

    I got factory effex evo2. I like them, they seem to be good quality, and are holding up well. I can send you pictures if you like.
  2. roostboy wr250f

    Would you use these oil filters

    theres a difference between brakes and your engine. i would use oem filters.
  3. roostboy wr250f

    Plastic renewer?

    The only way I would reccomend it is if you had a bike that you could only get oem plastic. It takes a lot of work and time and doesnt look great.
  4. roostboy wr250f

    new exhaust for ttr225 or wr250

    Im not sure what your price range is or if your parnets are willing to help, but I bought an 01' wr 250f in 03' and paid it off in a less than 2 years at that point my only income was mowing a few lawns. Check out ebay there are always some nice used and new WR's on there.
  5. roostboy wr250f

    Who has not replaced the valves in there yz250f

    01'. all original. had valves checked twice and both times they were fine. i probably have 3000 miles on it.
  6. roostboy wr250f

    Rear tire 18-19''

    the 18" is designed for woods it absorbs more impact because of its taller sidewall. the outside diameter of the tires is the same. a 19" may get better traction around turns, but i dont think there would be a lot of difference. If the bike handles well for you I wouldn't bother switching. It is easier to get 19" tires though and not all motocross tires are made for and 18" wheel.
  7. roostboy wr250f

    95% sure

    You may want to work on your spelling first. It will be a lot more bike and more difficult to ride, but you will get the hang of it.
  8. roostboy wr250f

    need a skid plate

    Utah Sports Cycle is about $83 but well worth it.
  9. roostboy wr250f

    06 yz250f discount, So Cal

    i believe some good dealers were able to buy them at soem sort of auction cheap. one of my local dealers has 06 yz 125s for 3799 out the door.
  10. roostboy wr250f

    Stearing Bearing Going Out?

    just replace it
  11. roostboy wr250f

    handle bars

    i like the hawkins woods bend. i run barkbusters and dont like a wide bar for navigating in between trees. they are only like an 1"1/2 wider than 80 bars which i liked
  12. roostboy wr250f

    good intermediate tire

    me and my buddies all run the millevilles. i like em and they are cheap
  13. roostboy wr250f

    Is a WR250F 03 a serious enduro tool?

    i am a proud WR owner, but i have heard great things about the ktm 200s i hav also heard KTM stands for Kosts Too Much, but i wouldnt reccomned a JunkJunk, also known as a gas gas, my buddy has one which is imposible to find parts for and the parts are extremely expensive, and it always breaks.
  14. roostboy wr250f

    01 wr250 hard starting ??

    My 01 WR has the exact same problem. Im thinking about getting the Dr. D hotstart lever for it, it satrts fine when i use the hotstart, it's just a pian in the @$$ to reach over and pull the hotstart everytime i start the bike.
  15. roostboy wr250f

    glowing header..

    its fine