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  1. Motosport is awesome, 3 day shipping to NC. Did you consider that maybe the cam chain had to be ordered? All the OEM parts I order from them take 3-5 days to get to Motosport, then they ship it so it takes another 3 days, which is still fine.
  2. shelbycobra

    Which trials tire?

    Just got done with my first ride on my kenda equilibrium. I'm not the best rider out there, but I liked it quite a lot. I was riding 100% sand trails with some roots here and there and it was fantastic. My old knobbie wasn't even worn out and I felt more grip everywhere. At this specific trail, its basically all 90* sweepers with nice sand berms that on a knobbie you would just brake slide in and rail it on the way out, I did exactly that and rode the trials tire like you're not supposed to and it worked fantastic for me. I didn't notice the rear end wanting to slide or lock or more than normal, and the bike wasn't squirly when leaned over. Was running 8psi on a HD tube. I can't wait to get to some place rocky.
  3. shelbycobra

    Opinions on the best hybrid trials tire

    I went ahead and ordered another equilibrium from a small supplier that I got word from that had them in stock. As soon as it arrived at my front door, I got a notification that chaparral shipped mine also, so now I will have 2. Can't wait to try it out. I have been running my old knobby at 8psi with a UHD tube and haven't had any tire/tube related issues, so I will continue to run 8psi and look into a Tubeliss in the near future.
  4. I agree, I need to fix mine asap as I have had some close calls. What makes it more difficult for me is that I had a gpr steering stabilizer under my bars and my bar risers just barely clear the gpr so I cant use the velcro cover thing for the bar pad.
  5. I'm having the same issue. I have a pro taper pad but I'm going to have to cut it up pretty good to fit. I've been running no pad for a while now.
  6. Everyone says this about the cycras leaving you sides of your hands exposed but I don't see how they are any different than the fastways I had.
  7. I've had fastway's with the triple tree mount, and just switched to cycra probends. The only reason I went with the cycras is because my fastways needed new aluminum wrap arounds (bent), deflectors, and bar-end inserts. All that added up to more than cycras, so I just went with the probends. I'm not a good rider so the bike gets dropped a lot and between the two I haven't bent the handle bars or broken any levers. Go with whatever is cheaper between the two.
  8. shelbycobra

    Towing question, what should i do?

    A motorcycle hitch carrier will not work on a Mazda 3. Get a small jetski trailer, or whatever is cheap on craigslist and a curt hitch.
  9. You don't really believe that that rear tire and engine are all that's holding that bike on the side of that hill do you?
  10. You have things called brakes. Did you miss the part where you can use it just like a normal clutch? You can adjust spring pressures to get your desired lock up. You know you don't have to buy the rekluse clutch basket, or pressure plate. You can get just the exp disk for $300 and have an effective auto clutch, stop being so ignorant.
  11. I always laugh at the weekly rekluse debates. 1: Hard-headed people that hate the rekluse think that clutch control skill is the only skill that makes you a good rider. 2: New exp models ALLOWS YOU TO USE THE CLUTCH JUST LIKE A NORMAL CLUTCH. Wow, imagine that. You can pull the clutch in if you want, feather it up hills if you want, rip it around corners if you want. There's a lot more to riding and becoming faster than clutch control.
  12. $160 is a good price. You're going to have to get that crack actually tig welded, not brazed or alumiwelded. Since the crack protrudes to the machine surface they will have to mill the machine surface so it will actually seal. Again $160 for all that is a pretty good deal.
  13. shelbycobra

    Opinions on the best hybrid trials tire

    Where did you get yours?
  14. Thats a real good way to burn it up too. You should still be in the right gear no matter what clutch you have.