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  1. Plates (friction) are ripe for a change. Cable is dry as hell or both.
  2. Great spot to begin from, well we all did. Learn first to ride and try to ride standing to develop a good habit, its also easier to get off the bike quicker. Figure 8 is great, slow and exact riding will help. Look up, and look where you wanna go and don't look down for a good spot to drop the bike. Have fun riding, more skills more fun.
  3. Is that jug cleaned and scrubbed? If yes a replate is in order, powersealusa being the better one IMO.
  4. Ride it a few hundred hours and you see. Top ends have to be changed periodically. Cast pistons don't last that long, forged pistons last longer but 4 or 500 hours? I doubt that.
  5. What bike you own? Depening on the head IMO
  6. A new spark plug does wonder sometimes
  7. Smez has a new Bike? We want to see pictures Smez
  8. Weld it, that still works
  9. That is insufficient pressure, as with 100 psi the bike will start but not have that much of a powerband. Bikes you buy new to you are many times pretty abused. Which does not stop the pevoius owner saying that the Topend is hardly used.
  10. How did you measure? Thumb or a gauge? Gauge: about 160psi and a piston change is in order. Fresh topend have 200+ mine about 230
  11. Yeap with the help of a local machine shop, and no not at all:
  12. another hour added on the RMYZ250, had a blast
  13. @2 STOKE YZ DOC Well, could be related to residence outside of the US. Ignorance does not stop at borders.
  14. Twice I sent a piston up or let the plater buy one at a higher cost, 2 different companies just to hear that the cylinder is ready they just have to get the piston. So they are Ok to ship it to me. That showed me that it is a great story with matching piston with cylinder and all that but nothing else.