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  1. arnego2

    Rattle noise ?

    Engine mount bolt loose? Would be my guess. How is life Doc?
  2. arnego2

    06 Yz125 carb leaking fuel

    Clean the float valves setting area well. I use also some grease to wet the tipp of the float valve. Good luck.
  3. Pictures mate pictures, no mud ride without a few pictures
  4. arnego2

    Arm pump - very vibratey bike!

    Tried to grip more with your knees? Loosing up was already addressed I believe.
  5. arnego2

    How much seat grip

    Gripper Seat fan here, make me stand more.
  6. Easy to repair, some sandpaper and a straight glass aka window and after 15 min it should be good.
  7. I can't see a warped head by eye. I need a window to make it visible. Recognizing a warped head by eye is about the same as testing your compression with your thump.
  8. arnego2

    YZ250X - My first Hare Scramble!

    Raise your eyes, twist the throttle and if possible ride the course twice before the race.
  9. Have you tested if your head is warped? If waterpump related the water has to cross the oil barrier first and pass another seal.
  10. arnego2


    With a 125 I changed pistons every 15 hours when riding hard. Now I'd would get away with 30 I guess. Don't ride a 125 anymore I'm now on a 250cc
  11. arnego2

    98 YZ250 reed valve question

    it shouldn't. Easy to test too. Mount it and ride.
  12. arnego2

    Yz250 catastrophically blew up!

    Could well be. Astonishing how expensive case halves have become. I've seen prices from 200 to 600 US$ For that you should be able to get an lower end of an engine. I bought a motor for 300 here on TT. A few years ago though.
  13. arnego2

    Yz250 catastrophically blew up!

    Right side crankcase unknown year, auktion 1 day left. right now @ 32$
  14. arnego2

    98 YZ250 reed valve question

    Most likely caused by overheating at least once. Lean mixture maybe? Does it still do its job? Reeds should seal completely.
  15. arnego2

    clutch adjustment

    Plates (friction) are ripe for a change. Cable is dry as hell or both.