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  1. Spit51

    Clutch Lever Hard to Pull

    I have an '05. Same thing happened to me. After much trial and tribulation it was caused by a notched clutch basket. The notches were not that deep, bur when I changed the clutch basket, it pulled like new.
  2. Spit51

    Pre-purchase inspection. What to look for?

    Well, I happen to have one for sale in Westfield Indiana. I have owned it since new. The Valves are in spec and it has been really well taken care of. Good luck on your quest. It's a good bike. The 05's have valve wear issues, but honestly if you clean and seal your filter and change the oil regularly, plus use synthetic in the engine section you will be fine.
  3. Been there done that. Went through three tubes before success.? Long tire spoons, heat the tire (sun), dish soap in a spray bottle and the big finally....knee. Knee on the section you successfully got on the rim. It keeps it closer to the center providing more play. That is what i finally figured out.
  4. Spit51

    hard to start while in gear

    The clutch may not be 100% disengaged as well putting more stress on the Starter Motor. A new battery couldn't hurt either
  5. Spit51

    Crf250x cam tensioner stopper/adjuster tool

    The screwdriver and vise grips work fine. I have done it three times. Never had a problem
  6. Spit51

    Trail Tech Vapor Install

    I installed my Trail Tech Vapor on my 2005 CRF250X probably ten years ago. I drilled the front caliper as recommended. Its a small hole, so no big deal. I also did the Tach Wrap around the Spark Plug holder as recommended. I would just go with their recommendations. Mine works fine today. However, a note of caution. Route the wires carefully. Use Shrink Tubing where the wire may rub against metal. The Trail Tech Wire is not durable. I had mine burn up due to a wire going bare and grounding out under the seat' Fortunately it happened at home. I ordered a new harness, took my time installing it (~3 hrs), tie wrapped and shrink tubed the crap out of it. Been working flawlessly ever since.
  7. Spit51

    KTM 125 EXC (1997)

  8. Spit51


    4; two intake and two exhaust
  9. Spit51

    Used 250x

    Greasing the splines on the Shifter and the Kick Starter help them wear less.
  10. Spit51

    Grumpy geriatric and a 350 XCFW.

    I am 61. Just bought a used 2016 300 XC with a Recluse. It is freaking awesome. Been riding for 47 years. Owned 9 bikes. Wouldn't trade the XC for any of them. Airboss/oc is 100% correct the DRZ is a pig. Never owned one and damn glad that I didn't.
  11. Spit51

    Used 250x

    I have a 2005 CRF250X, (original Owner) I have replaced my Fork Seals 3 times in 13 years. Once, 6 months after a shop in New Jersey had replaced them (bad job). I really haven't experienced an issue except the one time with the shop (Bergen Power Sports). They don't exist anymore. The Fork Seals are not a weak point on this bike. The valves are pretty much it Achilles heal. Regular Maintenance will make the bike last forever. Mine starts every time, no problem and runs great. I have done every mod except I haven't cut the pink wire. I don't need to over rev it. I did all the other mods associated with the pink wire. I just haven't cut the pink wire. Oh, and I run the original exhaust. It is JD Kitted. Treated right it will last at least 13 years and likely more.
  12. Spit51

    Used 250x

    Do a cold start. If it struggles, knock the price down by $400.00 because you need the valves to be redone. Wiggles the wheels sideways to see if bearings are needed. Check the shifter spline to see if lubed. If not he didn’t take care of it
  13. Yamaha sux big time as do Suzuki and Kawasaki. All three have crap Quality Control. Look around at your next race and see what color plastic is lying on the ground. It's usually Blue or Green with a smattering of yellow. Total pieces of Sh&#. KTM quality is excellent and Honda's are well built and supported.
  14. Spit51

    CRF250X VS KTM 250 EXC-F

    I have a CRF250X and a KTM. I like both, but honestly the KTM is better. It will require less modifications, it is much better ergonomically and more durable. I keep adding little mods to my CRF250X to make it better, but I don't do squat to my KTM. The KTM takes less energy to ride as well. The Honda has it good points, it's more of a "tank' when riding it. The KTM is more fun. In spite of the difference in price the KTM is the better choice.
  15. Spit51

    WTB My first CRF250X

    Valves. Start it cold using the starter only. If it won't start knock $600.00 of the asking price. Touch the engine to make sure it hasn't been run and show up half an hour early. I have an 05 bought new. That has been my only real issue. Wheel bearings Tires Filters Seat cover Plastic The usual maintenance items