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  1. PaulEvan

    XT350 intake boots

    Most hoses with the right inner diameter will work. I actually found the length of rubber tubing in a parts store discount bin and figured I had nothing to lose.
  2. PaulEvan

    XT350 intake boots

    Most awesome - nice job. Mine are years old and no leaks. Just did the same thing to my '84 XT.
  3. PaulEvan

    XT350 intake boot issues

    Any hose that is tight fitting over the aluminum manifold pieces will work. Radiator hoseses. Because the pieces are tapered, you can either dremel them level or cut a 1/4" length piece of PVC the same inner diameter of the aluminum piece to help the clamp from sliding off when tightening. Basically what you're doing with the PVC section is lengthening the tapered part of the aluminum piece.
  4. PaulEvan

    Honda XR200R (1983)


    Good bike, fun in the dirt
  5. PaulEvan

    Honda XR200R 1983

    Never a problem - fun to ride
  6. PaulEvan

    Yamaha TT350 (1986)


    First rebuild - fun bike
  7. PaulEvan

    Yamaha TT350 1986

    First rebuild - fun bike
  8. PaulEvan

    Yamaha YZF-R1 (1999)


    Fun, fast ride
  9. PaulEvan

    Yamaha XT350 (1991)


    Great bike, easy to work on, reliable.
  10. PaulEvan

    Honda XR200R 1984

    Never a problem - fun to ride
  11. PaulEvan

    Yamaha XT350 1991

    Never a problem - fun to ride
  12. PaulEvan

    Yamaha XT250 1984

    Fun rebuild, blows a little blue smoke - needs rings replaced