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  1. want2ride

    hangtown on right now!

    Guys said bad things about Alessi. He apparently was at Carmichael Honda and had some type of attitude??
  2. I was there as well and have to agree that it at least appeared the KX250 just wasn't putting down the power. I was surprised to see RC on a 4 stroke. RC deserved to win; he was riding hard. At one point he was pushing one particular turn so hard he was using the hay bails as a point to bounce from to keep from slowing down. The guy is bad azz and just didn't let up. If Bubba had been on a 450, I still don't think he would have caught him. Was another great day of racing in CA.
  3. I just got back from watching heat 1. Bubba was so far back I didn't even know his position. I believe Fonseca went down off the start, top of the hill, then Carmichael jumped on the lead by about 5 seconds or so and increasing on each lap as I remember. Was too hot to watch heat 2, so I bailed. I only live 10 mins from Hangtown. Now, if they would only leave the track as is so we can ride it this week. I expect to see Carmichael on a 2-stroke, but the Suzuki thumper he was on was definitely making some power. Bubba's bike just didn't seem to have the power but his riding was clean best I could tell.
  4. want2ride

    I bought a Suzuki =/

    I have had 0 problems w/my CRF and there is no way I would ride an overweight slug like the DRZ. The XR is a better choice.
  5. I was riding more agressive today. Pinned fairly well in 3rd, was going to exit after a step up jump, so I whipped the tail hard. Took right foot off the peg and pushed a bit more w/left foot than I wanted to. Landed in a rut and the results are: Couple bruises, but most important, the forks got tweaked a bit and the front tire is not lined up w/the fender. I grabbed the tire with both knees (ha ha medic held the back of the bike) and twisted it back, but whats the best way to set the forks? Seems that I measured the top of the forks at 0.232" previously. When installing the forks, how do you assure they are in the correct position and the wheel is perpendicular to the ground? Thanks.
  6. want2ride

    Aftermarket Exhaust Comparison

    what about my pipe, P4R?? How did it do?
  7. want2ride

    Stock pipe or aftermarket

    I have to say the stock pipe is quiet compared to my P4R. I think I like the P4R better, but if the stock pipe made more power I would use it. I'm almost 100% the P4R has an edge with power over stock.
  8. want2ride

    Front End Washout. How to stop??

    I'm looking for the all about cornering video. Also, haven't tried it yet, but put a 756 Dunlap on the front replacing the 742. I hope this, tips above and better riding habits do the trick. Since I made this post, I would say a small bit of improvement. I am really focusing on turns right now. I also added a bit more "balls" to the equation and the speed seems to help just a bit too.
  9. want2ride

    Review my SAG settings

    Unloaded= 23-7/16" Loaded w/Me= 20.25" Loaded w/out Me = 22-3/8" Opinions on this? The bike seems fairly compliant. I note the sag is 3.1875" Kinda stiff ?? I weigh in around ~195+ w/gear.
  10. You guys confirmed my thoughts about the 742. I always thought it was way too hard a compound for aggressive turning/cornering on the track. Just didn't seem to dig in like the rear tire. Got the bike back together, can't wait to test... this Sat.
  11. Guys, my bike came stock w/742 front and 756 rear. I just put a new 756 on the front, but haven't ridden yet. Any opinions on your fav front tire? I'm usually on the mx track at Hangtown. Need all the bite I can get. Also, any recommendations while my forks are being rebuilt (seals)? Who should I have setup my suspension in the Sacramento area? THanks.
  12. want2ride

    Got my Black Excels!

    Your axle pinch bolt is loose!!!!!!!
  13. want2ride

    Got my Black Excels!

    damn, that looks good. are the spokes any better than stock? also, whats the best source for excel rims?
  14. want2ride

    Fork Seal Blown.

    Anyone know how much oil is in the fork from the factory? Am I p/o or what. No riding tommorrow.
  15. Keep this in mind, you have to keep the rim centered about the hub top to bottom and left to right. To keep in centered top to bottom, tighten only a very small amount. For left to right always tighten a spoke, then add 3. When you tighten the spokes, only turn about 1/8" turn each time, then count ahead 3 spokes and tighten it. IE, if the numbers below are your spokes, tighten in this order. Tighten in this order: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13,... I believe it takes about 3 full revolutions to tighten each spoke once. Don't get in a rush if a spoke doesn't seem tight. After you tighten the opposite side, it will tight even more. NOW, its just me, but if I were you, I would consider trying to get the wheel in round again. Where the wheel seems to high or extended, loosen and tighten the opposite side an equal amount. For left to right, do the same. You will probably have to tighten and loosen a lot to get it done right. GOOD LUCK!!!