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  1. chrome-crf

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Haha yeah you need some sportbike rear sets grafted onto it.
  2. chrome-crf

    Tach for CRF450

    I have a MyChron tach on mine. Works great.
  3. chrome-crf

    CRF450 Street

    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. What kind of info are you looking for. Here's a few pics of my setup.
  4. chrome-crf

    bike pics

    There is some sweet bikes in here guys. Good work to all of you Here is a few of mine. New plastics/graphics Rebuilt 60hp motor Older pics with lowered suspension Pic from the track
  5. chrome-crf

    Staggs Rcing pit bike

    Staggs Racing is a top notch company and Jeremiah will personally go out of his way to make his customers happy. Its people like him that help our sport grow
  6. chrome-crf

    Can a 450R motor be shoe horned into a 450X frame?

    Just one question. Why?
  7. chrome-crf

    safe to powder coat left engine cover?

    Yeah it will come right out. I had mine done gloss black and it came out sweet.
  8. chrome-crf

    CRF450R to a street legal supermoto bike?

    Feast your eyes on my baby
  9. chrome-crf

    Takegawa twin spark 140 video

    No, the video should be there. Try this one HERE
  10. chrome-crf

    Takegawa twin spark 140 video

    I finally got my motor built. It is 140cc running a 56mm x 57mm bore/stroke. 28mm Keihin carb and manifold, Takegawa twin spark head, high comp piston, custom ground Crower cam, oversize titanium valves, Kitaco inner rotor ignition, Kitaco oil cooler, and dual high output coils. motor video
  11. chrome-crf

    (not just) Another Grange Picture

    Sweet shot Dauv
  12. chrome-crf

    Thumpstar 125 Pro / The U.P.C XSI Pro

    I have the UPC xsi pro 125 which is the same exact bike as the thump 125. I absolutely love the bike so much that I am building the motor into a Takegawa beast. Check out the writeup HERE just be aware its the biggest post on planetminis so it might take a while to go through it. Here's a pic of the complete bike
  13. chrome-crf

    Ultimate CRF450R Motard........... ?

    Thanks nastyDub, my bike has been a work in progress for a few years
  14. chrome-crf

    Motoplex - Nashville track map

    Damn they're using the whole outside of the oval. They're gonna be haulin ass on the back straight
  15. chrome-crf

    What Pipe?

    I have the Ti-Force on mine. It is by far the lightest pipe available. It has the biggest header diameter as well. I have a Lifan 125 motor (same as GPX)