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  1. Check how tight and clean the battery terminals are. Check the earth strap that goes from battery to frame, subframe bolts, motor mounts. They all have to be clean and tight. Powdercoat gets in the way of good electrical conductivity. You can run a lead directly from battery -ve to some solid metal on the motor, if it spins over it proves the point.
  2. Cams have lines on the gears, these must face each other. Crank must be locked with the locking screw when you see the groove in the crank. There is no other method. TDC by looking at the piston goig to top is no use, you have to shine a flashlight up the hole and look for the machined groove, then lock with the screw.
  3. wrsm

    oil screen seized

    Stock KTM part now comes with a Torx and 13mm socket head. To get yours out, lay the bike on its side, then use a 13mm socket and big hammer to give it a couple of sharp dead blows to shock the thread. Then knock the plug around with a dot punch. Dont damage the cases. I have TIG welded a bolt in the past, comes straight out.
  4. wrsm

    Zero valve clearance???

    Are you sure you are on the correct TDC?
  5. wrsm

    Error with Hour Meter Help!!!

    I think that says "time for a piston change" in Klingon
  6. wrsm

    Need help with flashers and horn

    The repeater lamp is possibly causing the 4 to flash at once. Try removing the bulb. Hirn works by grounding the red wire, red/yellow is +12v from the battery. Try grounding the red at the actual horn.
  7. wrsm

    ktm 450 exc 5 gears???

    Yes, 450 SXS has 5 gears from the factory. Its actually a 6 speed box, but a pin in the shift drum stops the MX riders getting lost I have had a couple, I removed the pin on one to make it close ratio 6 speed, on the other I fitted a full EXC 6 speed box.
  8. wrsm

    Forks Sticking

    Loosen the non disc side axle clamp. Compress the forks and bang them about a little so they find their own position. Tighten clamp.
  9. You are ding the correct procedure. Maybe you have a leak on the adapter or gauge as it should lock onto the highest pressure, not drop down? I got 90 psi cold.
  10. wrsm

    Engine drain plug thread pitch?

    Parts manual says M12 x 1.5 pitch
  11. wrsm

    06 450 sxf questions

    They did not make the 450SXF until 2007. Prior to that it was simply 450SX. The SXS is a semi factory bike with hand built motor, seam welded and braced frame, trick suspension. It cost almost twice the price of a 450SX. Plastics on your 06 450SX are same 05 to 06 model. In fact same 03 to 06 model apart from the radiator shrouds. 06 450SXS uses same plastics as 06 450SX. Here is my 06 450SXS that I used as a trail bike
  12. No, but i know a couple of people that do
  13. I have a set on my supermoto bike, shown with a mix of MDK and RedBull Maybe alter them a little, these are closer to factory graphics, could swap DHL for Redbull Posting to USA is no problem
  14. I designed them and had them made. I have a set sitting here, PM me if you are interested
  15. wrsm

    Lower Fork rebound bolt size?

    Pretty sure its 19mm. A 3/4 AF socket is close enough.