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  1. p0diabl0

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    The pics I took for the craigslist ad...
  2. p0diabl0

    sprocket sizes on 110 link

    I ran SM wheels/gearing for a while and so bought a 110 chain when it came time to replace. After I sold the SM wheels it *barely* fits on the 15/44 S wheel gearing, as in, the snail adjusters are at their first indent and have been for several thousand miles. So 44 is probably the highest amount of teeth you could go on the back - nothing stopping you from putting a 14 on the front though.
  3. p0diabl0

    KTM fork guard adapters

    Impressive DIY! Should plasti-dip or spraypaint the white plastic with something like Krylon Fusion.
  4. p0diabl0

    Front End Body Mod Suggestions

    Looking at stock DRZs it looks like the accordion boots usually hide the gold. I think i was surprised to see it as well when i first took them off.
  5. p0diabl0

    Front End Body Mod Suggestions

    That's what stock "S" forks look like? 2006
  6. p0diabl0

    Front End Body Mod Suggestions

    UFO SM Fender, KTM fork guard mod, X2 headlight, EMGO handguards (there are certainly better looking handguards than EMGO):
  7. p0diabl0

    Are hand guards all the same

    I bought ones that looked exactly like that - I believe they were EMGO branded although there are no markings on the guards themselves. Tough as nails. Shorter levers (I ordered DRC ones) make an easier fit though.
  8. Shouldn't be too weird at all - a lot of dual sport bikes run a 21/17 setup - KLR650, DR650, That said, they run a 130 width in the rear - I don't know how that would do on the SM wheel. I know a 150 will fit fine, and that's the size a lot of the bigger bikes like the Vstrom and GS1200 run so you shouldn't have a problem finding tires.
  9. They look exactly like the Emgo guards I bought a while back - they've really taken a beating over time.
  10. p0diabl0

    Can I lace an 18" rear rim on a DRZ front hub?

    A more common (although still pretty rare on DRZs) front rim size is 19 - a lot more dirt and road options with a 19 up front. 18 is a odd front size.
  11. p0diabl0

    Ultimate Hooligan Mod

    Hey hey he can fake a greenie. KLX stickers aren't too hard to find!
  12. Back should be at least 120, and 90/90 on the front.
  13. p0diabl0

    Ultimate Hooligan Mod

    SMRookie, an enabler? No way
  14. When I first got my DRZ S I lusted over SM wheels. Got some 3 months later. Sold them 3 years later and went back to a 21/18 90/10 street oriented setup which I've had for about a year now - I've leaned it over to scary (crap my pants I thought I was going down) angles on these tires on the road still. Two things - if you ever want to take it to take it to a track, the SM wheels and tires make the difference there. My biggest gripe with the 21/18 setup is my 320mm brake overwhelms the front tire easily at low speeds. Is SM more fun on the street? Of course. But I think you'd be surprised how far a "sportsman" setup can take you.
  15. The riding position was almost identical to my Ninja 650R, which is pretty comfy for all day riding. The speed and brakes were great. There weren't enough curves on the ride to really test how it handled but I don't think I would have been let down. Everything I've read about it says it's one of the best bargains out there, liter bike power at 600cc price with good components.