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    It is with great sorrow I am begrudgingly posting my dirt bike for sale. My wife is pregnant and my time riding off into the sunset on this two wheel machine... has set. This bike has many more hours left for someone else to enjoy. Clean title in hand. Garage kept and extremely well maintained, bike only has 37.5 hours on it (see picture below). Changed the oil AND filter every 4-6 hours. Cleaned/greased chain and cleaned/changed the air filter after each day of riding. Never raced it, only took it to the sand dunes once for a two-day trip. Most riding was off-road/trails and putting around on the local vet tracks. Bike has full Rocket exhaust and suspension upgrades. Motor is completely stock. Tires are about 75%. Lots of other little upgrades, like the seat, handlebars, levers, radiator protectors and radiator hoses. Also have an over-sized front brake rotor and steel brake lines that I never got around to installing. Comes with lots of maintenance chemicals and such. Also have a perfectly functioning GYTR tuner ($230 new) and a user's manual ($100+). Also getting rid of a really nice aluminum ramp, bike stand, triangle stand, cable, chain and bike security lock. See all the photos below for the goodies. $4500 OBO. Please, don't low ball me. I will gladly entertain any serious and justifiable counter-offers. Full cash or cashier's check only.


    Carlsbad, California - US

  2. tgoar

    Yamaha YZ450F 2014

    Fast, stable, fun! Love this bike!!
  3. tgoar

    Yamaha YZ450F (2014)


    Fast, stable, fun! Love this bike!!
  4. You make a great point. My YZ295 which is port and polished for a dune bike and then a used 450f for trails or track or puting around going for an easy afternoon cruise.
  5. I have ridden a 450f. What impressed me most was the smooth power delivery. But my EG295 has plenty of torque. I can lug it around if I need to no problem. But true. I only shifted a handful of times on the 450. Doing almost everything in third and sometimes fourth. I would definitely say their power is easier to use and causes less fatigue than the snappy 2 stroke.
  6. i have zero interest in a 250f. Any other opinions about the 250 vs 450f? I ride my bikes hard, not because i'm a great rider, I just ride as fast as possible whenever I can. It's easy to do in the desert and dunes. Seriously, almost all you 450 riders are recommending using the torque of the bike, and not revving it out. I just don't understand how that would work.
  7. This is the biggest appeal to me of the 450. The power is as smooth as silk. No worries about spinning out and landing on your face, or spinning the wheel because you hit the power band and having to let off and miss a jump. Do you ever feel more fatigued because of the extra weight?
  8. I consider myself a very technical person, and it's not that i'm afraid of not being able to do the work myself, its that 863 compared to about 400 for a total rebuild of my bike is much bigger. I don't think four strokes are any more unreliable as 2 strokes, 2 strokes will go threw top ends faster than thumpers, its the nature of the beast. But i love to bang through the gears on my bike, revving to the moon and back with no mercy. All of you are basically saying, "use the torque of the bike, not the revs". Maybe its cause 450's have much more torque than a 250, but i can't imagine not revving the bike out so i can fly up the dunes or pin it through the whoops in the desert. The bike is going to have more than enough power for me, so I wouldn't even want to make modifications that would decrease its reliability (maybe an exhaust down the road but that would be it). What i can imagine is 2 quarts of full synthetic oil to maintain it. It needs that after a dune trip, or 2 track trips.
  9. Ideally, I would love to have two bikes. One big bike for the dunes or banging it out on big desert, and one small bike for tracks and more technical stuff where smooth power delivery is more important than raw power. That may be an option for me later in life, but not right now.
  10. I have no doubt about that. My buddies bike grenaded because the previous owner didn't replace any seals when he ported the motor. My dad's trx450r quad has been a beast. But if something does go wrong.. It's going to be very expensive. What do u ride?
  11. Definitely. I would almost be afraid to even investigate the top end on a thumper. I wouldn't want to mess up the valve and cam timing. But I do want a new bike. New frame and suspension and ergonomics. But your argument definitely chalks up for the 2 stroke.
  12. It seems like the classic question huh? I have owned a 2005 yz250, now bored out to a 300 (Eric Gorr) since 09 and I'm looking to get a new bike. Four strokes have come a long way since then but I'm not sure. I have done a lot of research and it's between a ktm250sx or a kfx450f. My biggest passion is dunes, but I enjoy blitzing through the desert and putting around the truck nailing the jumps. I don't race. I'm a novice skilled rider, I'm just out to have fun. This past weekend I blew my head gasket and melted my piston, so it's a new top end now before I sell it, the typical two stroke problem. But my buddy grenaded his 450f's bottom end. Not a typical problem, but the cost to repair it is typical of four strokes. They are definitely more advanced machines and require a lot more to fix if something goes wrong. Not to mention I tore down my 2 stroke motor in 30 minutes and it's 140$ for a new top end and gaskets. Monetary cost is no question. The kfx is 8800$ and the ktm is 7000$. Between full synthetic oil changes and the inevitable valve job... Compared to top ends on a two stroke. No question there. But the four stroke is less time. No jetting, no splooge, no fouled plugs to check. That fuel injection is awesome stuff. Not to mention power everywhere in the powerband. But I'm a 23 year young man who can handle the explosive and inconsistent power of a smoker. I need opinions. Please help me!
  13. Hey everyone, Time to get the Eric Gorr YZ295 and i'm having trouble deciding which porting option i want, the "smooth" one or the mid-to-high one. I ride trails occasionally, though nothing really intense. I also ride tracks (just for fun), and I would put myself in between a novice/intermediate rider on a track, however the dunes is where I love riding the most and I know that the mid to top would be perfect for hitting big bowls and racing up hills. But it honestly might be too much for me too handle, yet I dont wanna lose the 2 stroke snap with the smooth porting. I was thinking maybe a mid to high and dropping a tooth in the back, but that might make the bottom end kinda suck. I have read every EG295 thread I could find and none of them really matched my situation. If anyone has gotten one of the two porting options and would like to share, or if you can offer any other input, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. i put it back together today and it runs fine. just fine, you would have never known there was damage unless I had taken it apart. I dont understand it. I'm gonna go with a 300 kit from eric gorr, the bottom end is perfectly fine, not play in the rod at all. Also no scoring or scuffs on the crank. I cant believe this thing runs, and it runs well. So i'll let everyone know how the dunes are.
  15. Hey everyone, cracked open the cylinder today to put in a new top end and discovered some disturbing things... Here is the head: Here is the top of the piston(NOTICE THE GROOVE IN THE SIDE): Here is they cylinder: Top View: Bottom View: They cylinder is what im most concerned about, you can see it looks like a little chip of aluminum stuck in the groove. You can also see a groove in the piston that corresponds to where that chip in the cylinder is. That groove is about 2mm deep in the side of the piston. Weird thing is, I was riding the bike last week and it wasnt low on power or anything, ran just fine, started on the 6th kick. But the head is peppered and the top of the piston is shot. No damage to the bottom end from what I can tell. Do i need to send this in for repairs or could i slide by with a new piston and pretend it doesnt exist? I was planning for a dune trip this weekend... let me know what you think.
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