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  1. marunzel

    old SEM stator fix(rewind?)

    Since I changed to this one http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/ in my Husaberg (stock was SEM) I never had issues again with ignition (3 years now). It starts way better also...
  2. marunzel

    2010 300 XC - question on fork oil amount

    Up until an air chamber of 110 mm is left.
  3. marunzel

    XCW 300 Jetting w/ SXS head

    I've got the same experience with jetting as you, went through same procedure:-) A 2,5 clip didn't work for me as it would make the needle stiff in the slide. Originally the needle is loose a bit so it can give way. I think this is necessary in order to slide inside the needle nozzle properly. So I didn't install it and left it as you mentioned 38/N2ZW#3 (N2ZJ#3 when warmer)/168. It is not perfect at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle when going on constant speed, but it pulls like hell from bottom to top. Tried N3CH many members are recommending - just one ride then I took it out again. The bike felt like a 250... Get well soon!