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  1. Marc WRP

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Just buy it, it is sweet
  2. Marc WRP

    Need Help 2007 WR250F is hard to start

    Yes we bought it with only a few hours on it. Very well maintained. \
  3. So here is the deal. I have a 2007 WR250F that my wife rides. it has never been ridden very hard. Mods: FMF Gray wire clipped AIS removal done Rekluse This bike has always run and started good until the last year or so when it gradually got harder to start. It doesn't matter how you try to start it, it cranks for a long time before it starts. Choke, no choke half throttle, full throttle, hot start still the same results. The fast idle also will not work when you are warming it up. You have to baby sit the throttle until it is up to operating temperature before it will idle on its own. Once the bike is warmed up it will run and start great. I have ruled out valves because of this. Or am i wrong?? Things I have done: New spark plug Cleaned carb New gas Any help would be greatly appreciated. Marc
  4. Marc WRP

    YZ250F Gearing

    I have a 2007 YZ 250F that we are setting up for my boy to race desert and we have some gearing issues since this is a track bike and the gears are close together. When i gear down it is great for the tight technical trails and hills but top speed is horrible so we gear up and first gear is so fast that he cant climb anything slowly. Is there anything out there i can do to widen the range of gears. ( I already have a WR250f but it is to heavy) Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Marc WRP

    Yamaha WR450F (2011)


    Best offroad bike available!!
  6. Marc WRP

    Yamaha WR450F 2011

    Best offroad bike available!!
  7. I finally found a good combo pack\chest plate for all of you Enduro riders. I have tested many products and did not truly love them until I tried the Zac Speed Combo Pack. I was not even impressed with the Ogio vest. This pack is built to very high standards and looks as if it will last for many rides. The features that I really liked are the tool pouch that mounts inside so it doesn't bounce around while riding and the very high quality water bladder with braided line. The chest plate is also removable and will convert to just a pack for hiking and mountain biking. Please check them out on our website, we have free domestic shipping and world wide shipping is available. This pack is available in three different options, please review all three before buying. See them here
  8. Trying to find bar risers and sprocket options for my new WR300. Cant seem to find them anywhere. I have a 13:48 and need a 12 tooth but nobody seems to make it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Marc
  9. Marc WRP

    the ride of a lifetime

    If your talkin about utah. Cherry creek will be good in mid june but not sure about the Mountains. I will check it out over Memorial weekend.
  10. Marc WRP

    the ride of a lifetime

    Just come to utah county. American fork canyon hobble creek etc. Best trails I've seen. Marc wrp
  11. Marc WRP

    Utah Offroad bike registration good for Idaho?

    Yes bikes will cross over-sleds will not. Marc WRP:thumbsup:
  12. Marc WRP

    the ride of a lifetime

    If you pass through Utah i will show you the best single track riding you've ever seen. Gotta wait for the snow to melt though:(
  13. Marc WRP

    Where to ride around Payson UT

    Cherry creek for sure. It is not considered an OHV park, excellent trails as well. Marc WRP