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  1. Zjewell

    Service Manual for 2004 cr125?

    Thanks guys. I have to go up to Kelowna soon anyways so il stop by and talk to them about ordering one.
  2. I recently took my 04 cr125 engine to a dealership to replace the bearings. I wanted to do this myself seeing as it would have probably been cheaper that way.(the dealership charged me around 500$ and took like 5 weeks to do the job ). Anyone know where i can order a service/repair manual? I got the dinky little blue book it came with but that's pretty useless. thanks in advance, zac
  3. Zjewell

    Who has the nicest Husqvarna?

    it even says arod2000 on the rear side panel. thats awesome man
  4. Zjewell

    husqvarna 04 cr125

    put some pro circuit pipes on it. itl be as fast as you need it for trail riding.
  5. i got a 2004 cr 125 (WR is just a CR with a light and flywheel weight) i run my bike 40-1 in the woods. it works fine for me. and for the crank case i dont even know whst my bike needs. i use 10-40 or sometimes 80.
  6. Zjewell

    looking for pipe

    i would say a pro circuit platinum series with a shorty silencer. that what i use and it woks grat for the woods
  7. Zjewell

    New (to me) CR125. Yay!

    jessqvarna go to www.billsmcplus.com and they sell alot of husky stuff there might be a husky jersey there. i got a blue/white/yellow thor phase jersey and pants that are identical colours to the bike
  8. Zjewell

    Boot Problem

    i have MSR world toor boots and they work great for offroad and gripping the bike
  9. Zjewell

    YZ426 for beginner

    2800 is a good deal up here in canada. i got my 04 husky cr 125 for like 2600 Personnaly, i dont recomend buying a 426... My 125 scares the living hell out of me already. you should probably start on something smaller like 125 2 stroke. 2 strokes are good bikes to learn on. just get anything besides a tt-r. ive riden tt-r 125 , tt-r 230 and tt-r 250 and my bike completely blows them all away. they are slow, heavy, have no torque and the suspension sucks. but thats just my opinion.
  10. Zjewell

    Wr Te Ktm 450????????????

    i would go with the husky te 450. huskys are super riliable and basically indestructible.
  11. Zjewell

    carbon fibre pipe armor?

    oh, sweet. thanks, ive been looking around a while for a good pipe guard
  12. Hey i got a 2004 CR 125 with a Pro Circuit platinum series pipe and I cant find any website that has a carbon fibre pipe guard will the ktm pipe guard work? will i have to stick with a universal allumnum pipe guard? any help will be awesome and price doesnt matter as long as its like under 250$
  13. Zjewell

    CR-125 questions

    #1 - pro circuit platinum/works pipe and an R-304 shorty silencer #2 - motorplasticsus.com or billsmcplus store on ebay
  14. Zjewell

    Im back on a WR 250!

    if you trail ride then try putting a pro circuit works/platinum series pipe and a R-304 shorty silencer . if you do mx then get a fmf cuz htey got more high end power.
  15. Zjewell

    08 cr125...saddle up!!

    i love 125's they got great power there so light and the 125 huskys are basically indestructible