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  1. Christi20

    Triple clamps

    YES! That is me. You can call me directly if you like.
  2. Christi20

    Triple clamps

    All Applied clamps are warrantied even for crash damage to original purchaser. I suggest you call them up.
  3. Christi20

    Socal Ladies TT Fall Ride

    I plan on joining all you girls one of the days at least!
  4. Christi20

    250f - Need to give it gas to start it...

    Could be gunk in your carb jets. I would pull the carb, and clean out all jets with a blast of air. Worked for me!
  5. Christi20

    A plea to San Diego Adventure riders

    Keep trying. It's worth the wait. Seems like a real nice group!
  6. Christi20

    How much HP, RPM? Top speed?

    The video is pretty large - about 9mb but here it is appliedrace.com/2008rmz450.wmv Here are some screen shots of the data appliedrace.com/2008rmz450.jpg appliedrace.com/rmz450colorchart.jpg appliedrace.com/rmz450graph.jpg
  7. Christi20

    Good mellow SoCal place to ride?

    Ocotillo Wells!
  8. Christi20

    I did IT!! New '08 450EXCR

    I just got my 08 KTM 450 EXC Nov.15th. I had a couple price quotes. But, since I am in the industry, I supposedly got a discount. Instead of the $10855 out the door (don't know if I believe that or not), I got it for $9100. I think it's a demand thing. They can charge whatever people are willing to pay! I just hope this bike is worth it. So far I only have 4 hours on it. I plan on going to the desert this weekend for another round of testing!
  9. Christi20

    ds Jacket

    I bought a Shift in 06 and Love it. Not too long, but snug and warm.
  10. Christi20

    Motorcycle Insurance

    I have Progressive. I have two dual sports covered now. 99 TTR250 $26 per year includes liability, comprehensive, and collision, but not uninsured motorist. also includes custom parts. deductible $250 08 KTM EXC $68 per year includes liability, comprehensive, and collision, but not uninsured motorist. also includes custom parts. deductible $250 I think those rates are pretty darned good! I also got a good driver and multiple vehicle discount.
  11. Christi20

    Friday november 23. Let the women shop- We Ride!!

    Let the MEN shop (or stay home and cook), while us girls ride!!! LOL
  12. Christi20

    08 450EXC-R Exaust Guard?

    Good info. I almost burned my pant leg too last Sunday.
  13. Christi20

    KTM prices 2007,2008

    I just got mine from my local dealer and it was 9200 OTD. You won't find much better than that since they are in such hi demand. If you do find a better price, don't tell me!
  14. Christi20

    DirtBike School for 11 year old

    Also, try www.Coach2Ride.com
  15. Christi20

    So. Cal. Tracks

    Keep in mind there is a race there Saturday.