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  1. Oldthumber

    Hot Start Question

    I don't know what the problem is with the kaw's, but they are the only ones that seem to seize. I also had to drill a small hole and tap the hole and then use a homemade puller to get it out, (Bolt, Nut and Washers). When installing the new plunger make sure to use a light grease on it before installing.
  2. Oldthumber

    hotstart problem

    I worked on a new 08 Kaw 250F with the hot start plunger stuck with about 2 hours on it. I have worked on a lot of bikes and this is a first. I mean it is froze solid. Waiting on a new one before I drill the stuck one out.
  3. Oldthumber

    07-06-05 Crankshafts

    Will the 07 or 06 crank fit into a 05? All three have different part numbers. Wrist pin hole oblonged in mine, 157 hours on Crank.
  4. Oldthumber

    05 YZ250 Fork Shim Stack

    Thanks Frezno.
  5. Oldthumber

    05 YZ250 Fork Shim Stack

    Would anyone have the stock shim stack for the 05 YZ250 forks? My grandson played checkers with them before I got to record them.
  6. Oldthumber

    05 YZ250 Fork Shim Stack

    Would anyone have the stock shim stack for the 05 YZ250 forks? My grandson played checkers with them before I got to record them.
  7. Oldthumber

    2006 crf250r 52tooth sprocket prolbems

    I have used a 52 rear on both my 04 and 05 without any problems. I just bought 2 new 52's for both my rear wheels and a new 116 link chain.
  8. Oldthumber

    07 Crf250r .... ?

    I read a small part in the new Motocross Action mag that the CRF450 is to get the EFI for next year.
  9. Oldthumber

    Just bought a WB carbon Pro, jet recomendations?

    I have a WB pipe on my 05 CRF250F and this is what I changed (needle raised clip 1 notch, raised the main up one size for the cold temp's and adjust the fuel scew for the current temp). I have ridden lots of different CRF250's and if you like lots of bottom end. This is the pipe for U.
  10. Oldthumber

    What is the correct piston ratio

    The Honda manually claims 04 - 12.5:1 05 - 12:5:1 06 - 12.9:1 Honda web site claims 04 as 12.5:1 05 as 12.9:1 06 as 12.9:1 Part numbers for 04 & 05 are the same and 06 different. The 06 top ring is thinner for the different part # What is correct?
  11. Oldthumber


    I have a 05 CRF with a little porting and polishing and a WB pipe. I have ridden the Kawi stock back to back with the Honda. The Honda having a little more bottom grunt with the Kawi with a little more overrun. The feel and actions of the bikes are very similar. The valve problem can be fixed the time bomb can not. Take your pick. Ray Dog
  12. Oldthumber

    Hot Cam and JE 13:5 1 Piston

    I have got a person that wants me to install a Hot cam and a JE 13:5 to 1 piston in his 04 CRF250R. Is there any valve to piston problems to be aware of ? Is there any valve spring problems when installing with the stock springs ? He will spend the big bucks for the horsepower items, but wants to go cheap on the 5 dollar valve springs. Ray Dog
  13. After looking Thur most dirt bike manuals, the manufactures are using a 32 degree cut on their valve seats, not 31 or 30. What is the value of this cut over the others? Raydog
  14. Oldthumber

    Water in gear box....continued

    Most problems with water out the p hole is the shaft has got a groove cut into it by a dry seal. The new seals should come pre greased and a new shaft is a must. Water in the oil has only a couple of way to get there, Vent pipe, Inner water pump seal (clutch side), Cylinder head gasket leaking into engine side, or last but not least a crack.
  15. Oldthumber

    Valuable Info on CRF valves..

    Woodsryder: you stated in previous thread (You can however only use the ss intakes with your stock exhaust) If I put SS valves in my bike, I can't run a aftermarket pipe?