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  1. http://www.morris4x4center.com/rt-off-road-jerry-can-5-gallon-red.html I have 4 of these. They work great for everything.
  2. I ride a street legal DRZ400e with stock gearing and the ride into town is 4-5 miles of 50-60 mph and it handles it just fine. Despite it's the 400 is a more a dirt bike you can ride on the street where as the 650s mentioned are street bikes you can ride on in the dirt with varying degrees of success. The dr650 being far more capable than the klr.
  3. Mine is a tad more complicated as I didn't buy my DRZ as a dual sport. It's a dirt only model I bought new in 2000. I rode it dirt only for 3-4 years with a riding buddy until he got married and "retired" from weekend rides. That and trails closing near me, area getting built up, open trails not being worth trailering to, and the bike not getting used much resulted in a dual sport conversion in 2005. Did you buy it for gas economy? - Not the original reason for conversion but I appreciate it now. Do you commute with it? - On nice days Did you buy it only to ride to off road areas? - Kind of. I'll ride it to short local trails now and again and trailer it to longer trails a couple hours away. Do you consider yourself an experienced rider? How many years? - Experienced? Yes I've been riding since I was a kid and I'm in my 40's now. Good? not so much. Do you consider it safer than a full street bike? - I have a street bike as well. I rarely if ever take the DRZ on the highway. The street bike is the way to go for me there. Around town I prefer the dual sport even with full knobbies. Traffic around here is bad in the summer. Many clueless drivers and I can and have taken lines to avoid accidents that may not have worked out so well on a sport bike.
  4. Bought new in 2000 DRZ400e street legal since 2005. Stock gearing and ridden at 55 up to 80 with no problems other than the unbalanced knobbies.
  5. The first act of the movie is set in 1997 and that's when the DRZ is used. He's a stunt rider that rides in the steel globes. Best guess the changes were made so it would look like the stunt bike ridden in the globe.
  6. not just the rain here it's the temps high 40's to low 50's just seem wrong at the end of may:foul:
  7. Don't think those are the correct ones the early E's and kickers I thought only have one outlet on the fill side bottom. Bought a new one for my 2000 e and it came with 2 outlets on the bottom and mine had only 1 and a friends 2003 e had the radiator with 2
  8. The Baja kits do seem expensive but when I factored in all the time just finding and purchasing the parts to do it myself then having to wire it all it was alot easier and a huge time saver buying the kit and installing it in about an hour.
  9. In Maine the violation is illegal attachment of plates and results in a ticket fine towing and impound. Instead of FTP how about not breaking the law stupid
  10. 3 years with the Baja kit with no problems.
  11. I love plexus. Not only is it great for the plastics on my bikes it also does wonders for helmet face sheilds and the windows on my Jeeps soft top. It's sold at all my local bike shops and even at online Jeep parts suppliers.
  12. Most aftermarket chopper frames have an MSO for title purposes.
  13. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&navTitle=Control&webTypeId=161&webCatId=12&prodFamilyId=1491#vehicleSelect
  14. Not so new info. I bought a Moose stator from the Thumpertalk store 2 years ago.
  15. aftermarket harley frames that they build choppers from come with an MSO and a VIN# from the manufacturer. That's why custom choppers are easy to register.
  16. The reservoir needs to be moved up and back slightly with a small bracket. It available from Baja Designs or can be easily made.
  17. The switches denniskirk sell are made by K&S so any parts store should be able to get them.
  18. Dual-sported 2000 E with the original battery. 8 years old and never on a trickle charger.
  19. If it's 2001 E then it has no kickstand switch
  20. Yes. The reason would be that the MSO gets sent to the state with a title application to get the title. Where I live the MSO goes to the state to get the title once I have the title I use that to register the bike. Doug Dawson would have to apply for a title than sign the title over to you then you would apply for a new title when you register.
  21. It was added after the fact. As far as I know the MSO's are shipped with the bike from the manufacturer to the dealer so there would be no way of knowing who the original owner would be. When I got the MSO on my DRZ it didn't have my name on it it was added to the back by the dealer and I had to sign it.
  22. The MSO's don't list names of people who bought That's what the title is for. It's just a statement of who manufactured it and where. Usually though the original purchaser is the only one who can get the MSO
  23. 2000 E with the original battery and I've never owned a battery tender
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