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    wrenching on his race bike , hunting. That order will change depending on what time of the year it i
  1. 24hrsparkey

    Oil Filter in Backwards

    Changing your oil and filter every 5 hrs is silly and a waste. Wait , someone already said that. Worth repeating never the less.
  2. 24hrsparkey

    03 oil filter Replace/Reusable ?

    Did change the oil ,, did not pop open the oil filter because i did not know what was doing in there / or parts to renew. .
  3. 24hrsparkey

    03 oil filter Replace/Reusable ?

    10 4 , i could not tell from the pic in the manual what the filter was made of , now i know its paper/ fiber. Ill be getting some of the paper / fiber ones and probl change the filter every other oil change . thanks for not blasting me on a basic dumb question , i just didnt know . All of my sons race bikes have been 2st , this is our first thumper beast ! 24hrsparkey
  4. 24hrsparkey

    03 oil filter Replace/Reusable ?

    Soo if i understand correctly, If there is a SSteel aftermarket filter , yes i can swish it out. IF there is an oem paper , of coarse i have to replace it Yes ??
  5. 24hrsparkey

    HR Meter / mouting location

    Hmmm, not a bad set up. I could use the tach to set the idle accuratly too. thanks .
  6. Can i clean and re use it ? IE : a stainless screen type I have not had it out yet , so i do not know its design. i think the manual says to replace . Thanks , 24hrsparkey
  7. 24hrsparkey

    HR Meter / mouting location

    Dammit ............. yep. The other side :
  8. 24hrsparkey

    Custom Gearing Chart

    Cool , good work ! This reminds me of the gearing chart / excel spreadsheet we use in flattrack . you plug in those values , and it gives final drive in every gear with every sprocket combo. Solves gearing quandrys such as, what is the diff between a 14x47 race in 4thgear ,, vs a 14x49 race in 5th ect ect . thanks , 24hrsparkey. PS > ill show your speed chart to my son , as he has a mx looking red 450 , such as in your chart. !
  9. 24hrsparkey

    HR Meter / mouting location

    mounted on his 125mod dirtrack bike. PS> bet ya you cant guess what that silver high speed low drag thing under the Hr meter is !
  10. 24hrsparkey

    HR Meter / mouting location

    Going to install an HR meter on my sons bike . Cheap insurance in my opinion. ( i had one on all his dirttrack race bikes , but he is done with that and this 450 thumper monster is for rec riding believe it or not ) I'll try and post a pick of where i put it on his 125 mod . thank you , 24hrsparkey
  11. 24hrsparkey

    Custom Gearing Chart

    Cool chart ! Would,nt you need the specific engines internal primary gearing and the gear ratio of every gear ( found in the manual ) ,, as well as the sprockets and tire diameter ?
  12. 24hrsparkey

    heathering the clutch?

    Yep ! She was with mahh cusin.
  13. 24hrsparkey

    Pro SX CRF450/bikes smoking upon start-up/blipping

    Allot of speculation , good and bad guesses. I believe AMAPro SX racers use a spec fuel and this fuel IS checked randomly , or by another racers protest type demand/request. Sooo there would be no 2st oil , dino/synth/bean in the tank for these sx guys. And no go fast additives . Several several reasons for a spec fuel , esp for indoor sx . ( lead , exotic chemicals , benzene and the like) A low friction oil ring in my oppinion is a good guess. I'd know more but im in the AMA dirttrack crowd , youth classes have no fuel spec ( big mistake , i could tell you more about fuel tricks in youth dirttrack racing than you care to hear ) , Pro has a fuel spec. It would be great if a crewmember from a SX team would chime in for the real info ! 24hrsparkey
  14. 24hrsparkey

    some cool graphics

    Very very Nice ! Who did them ?
  15. 24hrsparkey

    What is the best exhaust for the money?

    My thoughts exactly. Um IF something DID catch fire , throw sand on it ?