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  1. intruder61

    450 shootout winner!

    a lot of good info here.
  2. intruder61

    450 shootout winner!

    hey cappy...that you.....v.
  3. intruder61

    Nitrous On My Drz

    lol....you boys got too much time on your hands...... let me know how it goes.....interested.
  4. intruder61

    I did a terrible thing...

    welcome to the world of michelin PP.
  5. intruder61

    Big Bore Kits Kill DRZ Motors!

    stay away from the stealer mechanics...if they were any good they would be working for themselves AND a reputation following them which is good....such as this site, tells you that eddie is the man.
  6. intruder61

    How to drain my coolant?

    +1 on water wetter my blade runs 4-5 deg celcius cooler.
  7. intruder61

    Tick Tick Tick

    has anybody here had the opportunity to stand next to a superbike while idling?..... they sound like a bunch of bolts being shaken in a glass jar. you think to yourself no way this is going to take off....yet they do 300kmh. just ride your bikes and give them sh*t. when and if when it may breakdown, build a new one. dont be anal.
  8. intruder61

    Nice driving lights/pics

    +1... been there, wont do it again
  9. intruder61

    Full Synthetic/Clutch problems anyone?

    must add my 2 cents....... the salestosser who told you that you would have clutch problems.....ask him where he got his information...probably over heard the sales rep who works for $300 a week and is a dumb s**t, or he did his degree in bio-chemistry and now working behind the counter in spare parts? use full syn with no friction mods from day one. take your new bike home and dump what ever oil the stealer put in there. and your gearbox and motor will love you for it.
  10. intruder61

    What kind of helmet you wearing??

    nolan N-62 shoei X-11
  11. intruder61

    Aus DRZ-E too loud

    yoshi RS-3 with the baffle in is quiet...... but i dont ride with it in and i dont care about the neighbours:)
  12. intruder61

    Recommended Synthetic

    ester based 15/50 or 20/50 will quieten the drz as well. a lot smoother in the transmission is a bonus.
  13. intruder61

    Question for Australian members

    sent you a PM