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  1. Looking into going to the Vegas SX this year. Prices on-line look like $150+ per seat. I am sure that is not face value. Where has any purchased tickets in previous years. Thanks.
  2. I'm sure someone out there is in the same position. My son has a KX65, and is ready to move to an 85. I like to buy new when I get a good deal. I found a great deal on a new 04 KX85, $700 under what I can get a 05 for. Was there any BIG difference from the 04 to 05?
  3. garyr

    Green Corrosion in Carb.

    A buddy of mine has been running U4 straight in his CRF250 (about 5 months) and has started to notice a high end miss condition. When he took out his 160 main it was black, with green crud in the hole. The slow looked the same, with similar deposits on the carb. drain bolt to access the jets. Anyone else had a similar experience using U4. Should you not let U4 sit in the carb. Should I be worried, I have only run about 4 gallons through mine.
  4. garyr

    first problem with the crf250 r

    Happened to mine very early, posted something about it here but no replies. Just gently pushed it back in, a little resistance then it poped back in. Hasn't leaked a drop.
  5. garyr

    259R Coolant Refill

    Sorry should read 250R
  6. garyr

    259R Coolant Refill

    When you drain & refill the coolant is there something on the engine to release trapped air. All I saw in the manual was to lean the bike from side to side, is this good enough?
  7. garyr

    CRF250R Bar Replacement

    After a really fun crash in practice last night I see that I need new bars. What is the closest replacement, any other brand suggestions would be appreciated. Also any tips for straightening forks in tripple clamp, looks a little off. Had ribs X-Ray, not broken but hurt like he!!. Thanks.
  8. garyr

    250R Handguards ??

    Looking for roost/rock procetion only for the track, what is anyone using. Can't find a mounting kit from Acerbis.
  9. garyr


    I have the Works Connection plate, but on the R. What did anyone do with the overflow tube, just cut it a little shorter? I guess on the X it is not an issue.
  10. garyr

    What size number

    Sorry, this is for an R if there is a difference other than the front plate.
  11. garyr

    What size number

    What size / brand of numbers are you guys using? Is 5" OK for a 3 digit number?
  12. garyr

    Small Tranny Leak CRF250R

    My 250R has about 4 hours on it and I just noticed a very small tranny fluid leak. I traced the leak to the seal on the shifter. It appeared that it may not be seated so I pushed it in a little. It did go in, made sure it was in evenly. Question is, how is this seal seated, something I need to watch regularly? Thanks.
  13. garyr

    CRF250 Re-Cap

    I am getting a CRF250 this Sat. I just wanted to summarize what I have from many different posts. I live practice, and race in So. Cal. Can't do the exaust yet. New Chain Immed. DID ERT? New Oils all Dyno for break in. Remove BF Screen install Twin Air Filter. Jetting Main 165 Pilot 42 Zip Ty Screw Break In Don't Baby Think that's about it, if I missed anything let me know. As always thanks for the help.
  14. garyr

    Wednsday, Wendsday, Wendsday!!!

    Hey Berkman, I have an OT question for you ABOUT kx65 jetting. My son is also 9 and his 03 kx65 is a real cold starter. Once you get it to fire, if you touch the throttle it dies. Changes from teh stock 190 to 170 for Mammoth then back to 180 for sea level. Everything stock. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  15. garyr

    2 Stroke Break In

    I know it's of topic, and taboo, but I thought most of you guys have come off of 2 smokes and could give a real world answer. My son is about to get his first truly new bike to race, (KX 65) and I was wondering about what is the best way to break in a two smoke. He is going to race Mammoth in a couple of weeks, I want the bike to be ready.