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  1. Complete kit with instructions. $65.00 Contact Alex 630-321-0873 or Alexjoz@aol.com
  2. alexjoz

    Mr. Magoo

    Thanks for all the feedback!!!! I now know I officially 'sweat like a pig' and I'm a 'sweathead'! Is that like a sweathog? If you know what that is, you're an O.F. too. I'm going to try riding with contacts as well as the other chemical solutions. See what works!
  3. Hey, I'm having the same problem. I ride a 99 YZ400 with a stock exhaust system that suits me fine, BUT I want to take it up to Michigan during the summer. I haven't heard anyone coming up with a spark arrestor that is quiet and doesn't kill the power. One alternative I'm looking into is a kit to replace the core of the stock YZ muffler with a disk system. You can check it out at: http://www.bmp.motox.org/ I don't know if it works on a WR. Feedback from people who have it has been positive. On a 99 YZ, 7-8 disks yields about the same power with less 'bark'. 4 disks is definitely quieter, but you start to lose some snap. 2 disks is really quiet, but you wouldn't want to run it that way. Might get you out of hot water though? Anyone else have quiet alternatives without killing the fun factor??????
  4. alexjoz

    Popping Backfiring Dead?

    I'm just southwest of you in the Chicago area, and fouled my first plug this weekend. I was warming the bike up for a few minutes to check the oil level and got side tracked getting my equipment ready to ride. Well, I left the choke on. It was really tough to start all day, and usually it's a 1-3 kicker even hot! It also Backfired a couple of times trying to start it. I just got back from the garage and swapped in a new plug.(Is there an easy way to get a new plug in?) The old one was black and sooty. With the new plug it started right up with 2 kicks. Good Luck !
  5. alexjoz


    Bill is spot on regarding the rowing machine! I use a Schwinn Airdyne Rowing Machine. The Rower is great for your back and has really helped reduce forearm pump. The rowing mimics much of the action involved while riding. It is also a great cardiovascular workout. I've also been riding the mountain bike during the week. Ya know those neighborhood bike ramps are fun! Don't forget stretching before riding! Man, I can't believe the guys jumping on their bikes cold, with no warm-up. Hey, I'm dying to get out and ride too! Stretching really helps you get limber and reduces your chance of injury. I also seem to get less sore when I stretch?
  6. I'm listing these parts for an internet friend. I bought a flywheel weight kit from him and he delivered promptly and was very helpful and knowledgeable. Contact gmcycles@river-valley.net (Gerald) 1 oil filter throttle cable complete clutch cable shift lever brake lever-Yamaha & Aftermarket clutch plates clutch cover gaske mag cover gaske plug wrench kickstand-Complete front #plate aftermarket in reflex blue new vented front plate in reflex blue
  7. alexjoz

    Mr. Magoo

    I'm having a real problem with fog and condensation in my goggles and on my glasses. I wear Scott goggles with glasses underneath. I've tried wearing a headband to cut down on the sweat and it helps a bit. After about an hour(or less) of riding though, if I'm not moving,I'm not seeing! I've tried antifog goop and whipes with little luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  8. alexjoz

    Gear Change - CraigW, anybody else?

    Ok, this has nothing to do with swapping gears, but after reading a few suggestions on the WR side, I bought a 13/50 sprocket combo with a new chain. For anyone out there who finds the stock gearing too tall for woods riding and technical climbs, this set-up is a blast! Wheel placement is also a snap with the added torque down low. When I'm on the MX course, I pop on the 14t front sprocket and leave the 50t rear. It works well for me, and front sprockets sure are cheap. Hey Chris, why don't you save your $ and wait until you get that YZ440 ! [This message has been edited by alexjoz (edited 05-20-2000).]
  9. alexjoz

    Suspension Lubrication

    True of the 99 YZ400 too. Check the whole bike out.
  10. alexjoz

    Short rider

    Check out http://www.bmp.motox.org/ , for a spark arrestor kit that utilizes your stock silencer body. It looks good and retails for $129. As far as your vertically challenged position on the YZ426 goes, There are several suggestions scattered about this site. Softer springs,carving up your seat foam (as you've done),sliding up your fork tubes, playing with spring preload, adding a kickstand for starting,etc. Good Luck!
  11. alexjoz

    Kickstarter - Stock or BBR

    Chris, From what I read in one of the mags, the kickstarter was beefed up by Yamaha in 1999, because of the breakage problem. They also went on to say that the BBR unit was nice, but obsolete with the upgraded kicker.
  12. alexjoz

    yz400/yz426 silencer

    Hey KCJames, What did you think of the BMP Spark Arrestor Kit? It looks like a good idea. How was the power and Noise leve? I need something quiet when I head up to Michigan to do some trail riding. Is it a quality piece? THANKS!
  13. Ok, 2 more cents. Big bore 2-stroke vs. big bore 4 stroke- My last bike was a 1981 Maico 490. That bike would eat up anything in a drag race. KX500,CR500, anything, including the rider! I've heard the new XR650 is really fast, but it's also 300 lbs and has an extra 150cc's. Could be an interesting race against the CR500 and the KX500 though. A big bore 2-stroke is the power king for now and it seems master of the desert; no 4-stroke of the same displacement will beat it, yet. I've ridden the CR500 and it is an absolute blast, wouldn't mind having one, but the YZ would still be my first ride! That power delivery is oh so smooth and plenty potent for me! And yes, I do regret selling the Maico, but I only have room for one bike...for now
  14. 2stroke vs 4 stroke When I was searching for my current 99 YZ400,I looked at several bikes and talked at length with the owners, inevitably we'd get down to the 2 stroke vs 4 stroke question. Two of the guys had 426's on order and one guy actually had the shiny new 426 sitting there in the corner of the garage, as I was looking at his 99 400. They were 35+ riders and had ridden 2strokes, pretty much forever. They'll never go back to the 2 strokes and point to the great power delivery of the thumper and the fact that they don't get beat up on the 4 stroke. They stay fresher longer into the moto. Conversely, The guy I bought my YZ from went back to 2 strokes. He missed the hit of the 2 stroker, the ease of starting and the lighter weight. Me, I love my yz400! I've ridden two strokes since 1973 and love the powerband and delivery of the thumper. I have NO regrets going to the 4-stroke.I use it for MX, trail riding, hill climbing, etc. Now, if I had some extra cash, I wouldn't mind having a 250 MXer as a second bike!
  15. alexjoz

    Big Gun SDS

    I'd love to hear the results too! Has anyone seen a shootout or dyno results on ANY aftermarket pipes for the 400? Alex [This message has been edited by alexjoz (edited 04-16-2000).]