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    Street Legal

    I just installed the Electrex Dakar kit on my pig and it looks to be a high quality kit. The kit was missing a few bolts and 2 jumper wires so I had to go buy those. The instructions were a little vague and not current to the latest kit so I had to talk with them a few times on the phone. Total install time was about 4 hours and it looks awesome. Even with the problems I encountered I would still reccommend it.
  2. I have a 02 XR650 that I am looking at dual sporting. Which dual sport kit is the best out there and for what reasons? Right now I have a Clarke 4.3 gal tank but I am thinking I might need a bigger tank as it would be nice to get over 200 miles per fill up. Which tank is everyone using? What is a realistic estimate for fuel milage? Right now I have a 47 on the rear but I was thinking I could get away with putting a 45 on to make it more highway friendly. Any reccomendations or suggestions would be apprectiated.
  3. mwespo

    KXF Service Manual

    Just FYI, the manual is cheaper if you get the KXF one rather than the RMZ. I can only assume that they are the same but perhaps not if it lists P/N's.
  4. mwespo

    Sure wish we had something like this near LA

    Be careful of what you wish for. It sounds like a great place and is for around here but it can't compare to what you have out there. If you were to ride out here you would feel like you were confined in a little box. There is nothing like Gorman or the desert out here where you can ride for miles (or 100's of miles). About the biggest piece of property you will find to ride on is about 2000 acres.
  5. mwespo


    Ditto on the fuel screw. Mine was set at 1/4 turn out from the factory. Turned it out to 2 turns and it is a totally different machine with very little deceleration backfiring.
  6. mwespo


    You might have better luck posting this in the South forum but here it goes. Once you hit downtown Dallas cut over to 35E North take that all the way North to Hwy 82 West towards Wichita Falls(it is about 5 miles short of the Texas/Oklahoma border). Take Hwy 82 to Meunster (about 12 miles), when you raech the town turn right at the light which Main St and I believe FM373 follow that about 20 miles up and it will be on the right hand side. You could also go to www.patmanracing.com and click on Pre-race recon and then on the Meunster link on the right.
  7. mwespo

    new xr650

    I know you said your friend already has a bike lined up but if he is looking for a used 02 I have one and I am in Dallas. The bike has three days of riding on it. If he is interested e-mail me or give me a call. Mike me566@aol.com 214-679-3049
  8. mwespo


    Brandon, Good to hear the jacket worked out well for you. I placed the order for the pads on Monday so they should be in any day. Unfortunately I will be out of town until Thursday so you should expect to see them around the 11th or so.
  9. mwespo

    Baja 1000

    Hey Shawn, this is Mike from last years Baja 1000. Just thought I would wish you guys a fun and safe race. I wish I was going but I will be sitting here nursing my broken wrist instead. Please tell everyone I say hello. I will be looking forward to reading your post race reports. Good Luck! Mike me566@aol.com
  10. I need a top triple clamp for Protaper bars. 2002 XR650 214-679-3049 me566@aol.com
  11. I was wondering if anyone is running an oversized throttle pulley on the carburetor? If you are how do you like it and who makes it? For those of you who don't know the oversized pulley will make it so it will take a half turn of the throttle for wide open instead of a quarter turn. This makes it a little more managable in the tight woods.
  12. mwespo

    bike shuts off

    You need to check the float needle and seat . It sounds like the needle is not closing and the fuel is going out the overflow tube. That is where I would start!
  13. mwespo

    2000 520 subframe

    I bought one from the dealer recently and if I remember correctly it was $120 or $130.
  14. mwespo


    I have found that the easiest way to measure the correct chain tension is to remove the shock. It takes all of about 1 minute to remove the shock. Then all you have to do is lift the rear wheel to where the chain is at it's tightest and make sure that there is a little bit of play in it.
  15. mwespo

    Photos of my "Tonopah 300" race........

    Hey Dan, this is Mike from the Nevada 1000. Good to hear that you survived another race. I am sitting here in complete envy of you, I wish I was there. How was the terrain compared to the 1000? I figure it would be a little more technical being that it was only 300 miles and one day. Kind of like day 1 of the 1000. Anyway, congratulations on your finish and I will let you know when I will be out there and maybe we can hook up and go riding.