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  1. troybolton345

    MCCT-How Far Is Too Far?

    Wow... Its seams to me that the average person probably shouldn't be manually adjusting their own camchains. I 'm willing to bet the MCCT is causing more problems then it is preventing. I'm not trying to discredit it ,or say its not a great device, I'm sure it is. I just want there to still be some chains, guides, and possibly heads left when mine wear out. I think more people will benefit from suzuki's most updated part.
  2. troybolton345

    Quick question for those with heavily modded DRZs...

    I love my 06Sm but its a cash pit.Well actually, if I had discovered this forum sooner I'ld have saved a jet kit, an inferior carb kit, (2) exhaust purchases , and a set of cams. But it rips now kinda !?! I think this spring I'm spendin some guy named Eddie my head and a large check. I know a guy who has a CRF 450 supermoto setup plated in Ohio.I'm not even a little bit jealous. The "X" would be perfect. "F" kicking. Hope it stalls...
  3. troybolton345

    OEM "E" Cams or Hot Cams Stage 1's????

    The fcr and exhaust are probably the best improvement you can make right now. I have both cams but I had the intake 1st and I was disappointed after installing the exhaust cam. The intake adds a sharp hit off the bottom while the exhaust steals some for only a modest improvement in the mid to top. I wouldn't pull the topend for a E gasket. Wait until you can justify a hi comp piston or bigbore kit.
  4. troybolton345

    Help, Before I ruin my DRZ...

    For next year I want to rebuild my 06sm. After 10000 +miles and 3 years I can justify tearing open the motor in the neverending pursuit of power. I'm thinking of purchasing maxpower's 490cc stoker kit but I dont want to ruin the inherent reliability of the bike.I know the drz will never be a rmz eater, I just want to maximize the potential of the bike. Has anybody else on here had any luck going this big, or maybe suggest another option. At first I thought I would only do a topend overbore but then figured it probably wouldnt be a good idea to stress a worn in bottom. And if the crank is out then I might as well stoke it.I figure it will cost me around 2600 for all this. Is 490cc's worth it when 450, 470, stokers are offered much cheaper?I have the 39mm fcr, stage 1 hotcams, full yosh, cdi, ect. Motorwork is the next stop. Thankyou,
  5. troybolton345

    shatter clutch springs

    My springs shattered into about 50 pieces in less then 3 hours.Any one eles have this problem with ebc?
  6. troybolton345

    03yz250 clutch slipping problem

    Thanks for the input, but its gonna take a lil more then that.My springs are shattered.Any idea what caused that? They're only a few hours old.My guess is ebc had a bad lot of springs but i could be wrong.
  7. troybolton345

    03yz250 clutch slipping problem

    Ive replaced the plates n springs with a ebc kit. It still slips at high rpm under a load, ei deep loam or pavement. I use honda hp gear oil. Ive used this oil for 15 years and never had any problems with clutches.Its not my cable because I dont have one, its hydralic,yes the cylinder is releasing fully.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,thankyou