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  1. Just looking for info on riding near Hinton Alberta. A buddy is taking some courses in Edmonton. A couple of us back in B.C. thought we would load up his gear and ours and meet him in Hinton. Heard there is some good riding there. looking for single track preferably. Heard of brule and cadomin but need more info. Thanks.
  2. Lots of slippery clay and sometimes snow where I live. When you think you should be in first take second gear the wheel speed will be smoother instead of sharp on/off, look ahead and squeeze the tank/seat with your knees. Take a higher gear but you don't have to be pinned just smooth power and squeeze your legs whether youre sitting or standing. Like they said earlier try following and watch it will also take some pressure off you.
  3. Haha yeah, actually all the time i've been on here and talking about bikes I think mine is getting a little anoyed. Nothing new happens every spring. Easy for her she just bought herself a new 2009 klx250s.
  4. Thanks for the input. I guess it's just hard when the ktm looks so good and to see them all on here tricked out for my kind of riding I have a hard time going the other way. just not a lot of 570's around here to know how good they are. I'm going out of town for work a week so I'll have a while for it to bounce around in my head yet. Not to mention the snow isn't gone yet and I could at least be riding on the street and back roads right now.
  5. How bad is the cylinder. The original plating is pretty hard and sometimes just needs to be cleaned. Dry ice and a heat gun works awsome for doing cases and relatively cheap.
  6. Well i'm still drooling over the fe570 and the reviews, but just can't commit. I'm looking at the 2011 fe570 or getting 530exc and putting the difference into the 530 for things such as cush hub, stabilizer etc. I know there is no perfect bike but i want to try. Looking at doing my usual single track with some exploring on logging roads and ride to work. Can't bring myself to buy a larger adventure, to heavy. I like what I've seen done to the exc's, I just don't know about the fe570 reliabilty and availabilty of aftermartket parts (oil cooler etc.) and will not have enough for all the extra's right away. Is it really worth it to buy the 2011 fe570, will it last with this kind of ridding, if I spend the money setting up the 530exc will I be missing out/regret it. I'm ready to buy just looking for the push. I almost went for the te510 and am glad i didn't. Found out it is a close ratio 6sp and there seems to be better parts selection with ktm.
  7. You need to get the moisture out before it attacks the bearing surfaces.
  8. I don't know how this will react to the rubber seals, but maybe rinsing it out with wd-40 isn't that what it was originaly ment for. Like i said not sure about the seals hopefully some one else knows more and chimes in here.
  9. Are there many changes from '09 to '10 fe570's?
  10. Thanks again for keeping up this thread. I think a four stroke husa or other euro dual sport will be far nicer to ride on the road compaired to the few times i've taken my kx250 from trail to trail on the road "I know big no no but I live in a rural area and thats why I'm upgrading". Not like some who I think are posting comments after going from a cushy street bike to daul sport. I'm just hoping if I keep up the maintinance I can save on fuel for work and have some fun.
  11. Ok same question directed at the ktm 450/530's etc, set up for sm? what kind of miles and reliability?
  12. Thinking about getting fe570 thought about the new te511 but am leaning more towards the 570. Nothing but great reviews so far.
  13. That is the first thing I was going to look for. I sure I could find a cooler to fit the fe570 a lot of them just sit behind the rad. It's just finding an oil gallery to use, haven't been able to look that close to the bike.
  14. OP "carey". Have you made any long road hauls as mentioned earlier? how is it holding up and how often are your oil changes? I'm in the same position but looking at 18mile round trips to work and 2 mile trips to some awsome trails. How manytimes have you made this 50mile trip you mentioned? Thanks for following up on your post it has helped me a lot. I'm looking into the new 2011 husaberg fe570 and just trying to get as much info as I can first
  15. Anyone using the FE570 for sm? How many miles on the bike? How is the bike holding up on the steet? Maintenance?
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