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  1. Mephistophiles

    2007 450 Running Lean and Sloppy, Ideas??

    Very interesting! I took a quick look at the boot (actually both boots) today but could not see any cracks. Something like this would explain a lot though, I will have to pull it apart later this week. Been busy because I will be swearing in for the Army this Weds! ...sorry I'm a little pumped up Try not to be scared that America's newest UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic can't even figure out how to run his damn bike. Anyways thanks, like I said an air leak would explain a lot. I'll check it out more.
  2. Mephistophiles

    2007 450 Running Lean and Sloppy, Ideas??

    Thanks for the tips. I took out the pilot jet and it was clean. Upon putting it back together she actually starts and runs decent now, save for a bad idle issue. When you're on the gas it's fine, bike runs as it should. Idle is erratic and crazy though...sits at like 2500 rpm then if you turn down the idle adj. it just bogs and stalls. Something seems to be amiss but the jets are all clean! I checked to see if any cables were binding and causing the issue but no luck. I did however notice when pulling in the hot start when bike is warm and idling it now bogs and dies instead of raising the rpm's as it did before.... Anyways appreciate the help!
  3. Mephistophiles

    2007 450 Running Lean and Sloppy, Ideas??

    ...and so the sorrowful mechanical saga of the Rmz450 garage ornament continues. I need some suggestions on what could be causing this current issue because I am mentally spent with this! I just got my rewound stator back from Ricky Stator (I had fried the old one by doing work on the clutch and shavings got into motor). Tested the rewound unit, seems to be putting out all the right juice. She starts, but runs like crap. Idle floats, header glows, flames spit out the exhaust, erratic all around and poor throttle response. Seems to me it's insanely lean...but...please read on... The bike had ran perfect before I killed the stator. Then after that died I spent a long time ruling out everything thinking it was a fuel issue at first...carb was cleaned along with the rest of the fuel system. All jets were clean and float height/valve stuff was flawless. I had actually pulled the carb and gutted it twice to confirm this. Checked the valve timing - good. So now that the stator is fixed and all the ignition parts test OK, I have a bike that all looks great but runs terrible. What the fudge could it be now. Any suggestions welcome. Why is this thing running so poorly...
  4. Mephistophiles

    Stolen Husaberg

    I'd also like to know if it was near Baltimore. Definitely keep an eye on craigslist. Bikes from all over MD get stolen and end up in Bmore city from the thieves dealing them to the ********* gangs such as the "Wheelie Boyz" (often through craigslist)...I've seen a buddy's 4 wheeler get stolen from his house and was later found abandoned on Liberty St. <-He lives 2 hours north of the city.
  5. Mephistophiles

    Motors in the kitchen

    This thread made me laugh. Don't have a wife myself, but when I used to rent my brother's basement out his wife was no fan of the winter rebuild! I managed not to destroy the carpet throughout the whole time...until an extra burp of oil decided to make an appearance from the case putting the motor back in the frame later No arts and crafts for YOU missy! Tough t!itties 'bout yo table! Fenriz was the only one didn't whine once. In face he helped out as you can see here:
  6. Mephistophiles

    450 - Nothing but Coughing...Stator? (Pics)

    Hey guys, figured I'd give an update. I desperately needed the bike ready to go by the weekend when I posted this, I called my local guy and he actually had an Electrosport Lighting Stator in a nearby warehouse. I got in on the bike, and nothing. Did some homework, flipped the two center wires in the 6-pin, a little coughing upon kicking then nothing. Roughly 12 hours of troubleshooting later all I had was a new stator that was confirmed to be bad and more aggravation after a phone call to Electrosport in CA. They pretty much said, "yep it sounds like you got a defective one. Too bad." I generally don't go out of my way to badmouth a company but I was disgusted in the lack of pride a manufacturer could take in such a vital ignition component that people pay top dollar for just to get screwed over and push their bikes home. Don't buy Electrosport. Do your homework to make sure your aftermarket stator isn't still made by them (Moose, Electrex...). I read up on them and saw their bad track record with quality and reliability but it was all I could get in time. I took a gamble and lost and had a broken bike sitting at home all weekend. My trip was a shooting/riding weekend trip to Frenchville, PA...I still went for the shooting expecting to be sitting in the cabin cleaning guns with my tears while my 5 buddies were out riding, but luckily a very nice gentlemen let me ride his WR250 all weekend. It was a blast and I liked the light nimble feeling of a 250 on the trails and jumps. Might have to make the switch...I'd miss the power but picking up and kicking over that little 250 all day was awfully nice... Anyways I'd really like to do it right this time. RickyStator I sent you a PM regarding the re-coiling of my factory unit. Hopefully the shipping rate isn't too terrible! Thanks all -M
  7. Mephistophiles

    450 - Nothing but Coughing...Stator? (Pics)

    Thanks William1 for the info. I don't have a manual so looks like I need to find one by tonight so I can confirm and try to order a coil by tomorrow AM. Any tips on where I can get a decently priced stator shipped fast? Rickystator doesn't seem to carry one for the Rmz-450, looks like I'm calling my shop tomorrow...if not..fleabay time.
  8. Mephistophiles

    450 - Nothing but Coughing...Stator? (Pics)

    I'm posting this here because I don't believe it's a make/model specific issue I'm dealing with. I'm going nuts as I don't get to ride much, now with a huge camping trip coming up friday I've been plagued with mechanical problems... My Rmz-450 is not starting. Sat for a week waiting on clutch parts and when I got that back together it ran for about 10 minutes of testing then fizzled out. I can kick it over forever and all I get is a loud backfire and blue gassy flame out the pipe every 10 or so slow-kicks. I suspect it's a weak spark after checking many things off the list and seeing a weak arc between the plug/frame as I kicked it over. Here's what I've done so far: *Traced fuel system-petcock/lines all flowing *Rebuilt Carb - cleaned all jets/passages, set float height, checked choke/hotstart. Fuel is definitely getting to the motor, the muffler has a barley-burnt gassy smell to it after kicking. *Confirmed timing is correct. - Cam chain did not slip *Checked valve spec. - Intake is ok exhaust needs to be shimmed but nothing atrocious *Checked plug - looks great. Cleaned anyways. Spark had a weak arc from plug tip to frame when grounding during kicks *Checked stator - Looks questionable. Half burnt but not too destroyed...contact points seem to be pretty clean and straight. The last thing I did before not being able to start her was shave the clutch basket. Although I was extremely careful to clean off shavings before re-installing clutch parts...could I have introduced shavings to the oil and consequently fried my stator? Here it is after I had cleaned it up. There was some soot on the stator/flywheel but not a lot... The culprit? Could this be why it ran so-so for 10 minutes after motor work than died out now nothing?? Any tips are appreciated!
  9. Mephistophiles

    '07 Won't Start -Not Getting Gas??

    Took apart the carb. and saw that the float valve was stuck closed. Cleaned up the surfaces, cleaned out all the jets and passages, lubed the slide and put the carb all back together. It seems to be getting gas fine, flows ok tho the bowl and upon pumping the gas the fuel squirt works perfect. Float bowl checks out. Now the new problem. I can kick it forever and all I get is a a low POP of a back fire and a half-burnt gas smell every 10 kicks. I decided to take the valve cover off and check to see if the timing jumped or something... What I found was this. Timing looks ok, at TDC make the cam lobes are pointed outwards and the marks on the cam sprockets are pointing at 9, 12, and 3 o'clock. The problem is this though: I go to measure the the valve specs and they seem pretty far off on the exhaust side (loose). The specs on this bike are: Intake: .15mm - .20mm Exhaust: .18mm - .23mm My measurements were: Intake: .15mm and .203mm Exhaust: .305mm for both valves. This seems pretty far off to me, but could it be the culprit of these more extreme not starting issues? I would think it would run with valve specs off like thisjust not at it's peak performance....any ideas? I got a bike that won't run and a big camping trip next friday! Help!!
  10. That wouldn't help the neutral issue. The problem there is the clutch is not fully DISengaging, consequently making it hard to shift and find neutral. From my recent experience I've learned this is from the clutch basket becoming notched. The fiber plates and metal plates in your clutch disengage kinda like how your brakes do on you car-when you let off your brakes heat and friction cause the pads/disc to move apart, not unlike what happens when you pull in your clutch and the thrust bearing relieves the clutch plates from being under pressure. There is no spring that pulls the discs apart, they just separate by shifting on the clutch hub (for discs on motor end) and basket (fiber discs on drivetrain side). When the aluminum hubs basket become notched, the friction discs are now sitting in indentions on what should be a smooth surface. Now when you pull in the clutch, you only get a partial disengagement. There's an awesome website I've found that describes the problem better but I'm on my iPhone and can't link to it...soon I will post my basket/hub filing experience tho to show how to fix this. (For saving stock baskets that aren't too far gone).
  11. Mephistophiles

    '07 Won't Start -Not Getting Gas??

    Ty so much for the help! I guess it's inevitable I will have to break the carb completely apart this weekend. I asked for tips on what to try and track down because A) I am not as familiar with and FCR so suspect I could be overlooking something and It's suddenly getting NO gas and upon initial inspection the jets are clean, as opposed to running sloppy or not idling. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something big/obvious like a vacuum port or other common thing that could suddenly get clogged on these carbs or something. Like I said, it was running fine last week now - no fuel. I imagine it could be something simply just blocked up but this seems odd to me. Anyways I will follow up with what I find when I get time to pull it apart. Ty for help -M
  12. Mephistophiles

    '07 Won't Start -Not Getting Gas??

    Hi all, got a little problem here that has me stumped. The RMZ sat for a week waiting for clutch parts (motor ran perfect before)...now I go to fire it up and nothing. No pop, brap, or even a toot. I pulled the plug and kicked it, good spark. Then traced the fuel line down to the carb where everything was flowing ok (petcock is good, new fuel lines, etc.). I then notice there is no fuel getting to the intake...when I drain the carb then turn the fuel back ON the float bowl doesn't seem to fill. Pulling the rubber boot off and looking into the carb while pumping the gas shows no fuel squirt where it is usually visible. The Keihin carb is a mysterious monster to me as I've only rebuilt CV's in the past. As it was getting dark and time was running low last night I did pull the float bowl and the 3 jets-all seemed clean. I looked at the float and the valve mechanism and that appeared to be working fine. What the crap?? Please let me know what I could missing. I appreciate it! -M
  13. Mephistophiles

    MX Boots Aren't Water-Resistant??

    Figured I'd follow-up. The Mink Oil worked fantastic. 2 weeks ago I cleaned the boots and applied the Mink Oil with a tooth brush and a soft cloth...and left it out in the hot sun all day then applied again. Now 2 rides later it got it's first taste of water. At one point today I stalled the bike in a good 10" deep pool of stank-a** stagnant water and thought great, here goes. Well I was in that water for over a minute and no water got in at all. This was opposed to when they were new (pre-treatment) and the second my meatsies hit the water they filled right up. I'm sure there are a bunch of other great products that work awesome too (like the snomobile boot stuff someone mentioned). I'm gonna do the MO treatment every 4 or 5 splashy rides now. Thanks guys -M
  14. Mephistophiles

    Where to Mount Machete -SOLVED

    Not realistic? You'd rather take a 1/2" diameter thorn branch to your jugular than figure out a way to avoid it? Either you don't ride trails or you're nuttier than squirrel turds. That whole last post is a turd as a matter of fact. When I ride these places most of the time I am exploring new trails, so going in first with some chainsaw is out of the question. Secondly not only am I not stupid enough to leave a 20" blade out on the trail where it could hurt someone, but I'd bet other riders appreciate not having to deal with the nuisance of these branches anymore. Anyways, here is the final product. Had the bike out for about 3 hours today doing some trails/jumps, it worked great. I fastened it enough where it WILL NOT just flop out. The fork guard will not hit it upon compression either. Still going to fine-tune the way it's mounted to the tube (just using zip-ties for now) but the position is perfect. We don't all have the luxury of well-ridden and pampered trails...I chopped back a lot of crap today, without my meat leaving the seat. I should say though I have a decent bit of camping experience and have used this thing for years, either practice a lot first or be careful. It's easy to carry the momentum and hit your leg or something. This baby's sharp...once a year I put a new edge on it with a dremel then steel it with a very fine round-file.
  15. Mephistophiles

    Motocross photography shots cc

    Great pics, must be one hell of a shutter speed you're using. That last pic is awesome.