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  1. Anybody got a pic of a wr with black plastic ? I'm thinking of going with black on my wr, and am wondering how it would look.
  2. What would be the best street legal dual sport tires for michigan's sandy two-tracks ?
  3. xr600r

    Best brake pads ?

    Whats the best brake pads for michigan sand riding ? Metallic ? semi-metallic ? any brand better than others ?
  4. I never did the starter upgrade on my 03' WR450. ive had the bike since it was new in 03', and have never had a problem with it except , i just had to replace the battery. i'm just curious... after all the fuss about how bad the first year starter was, has anybody else had as good of luck as i have ?
  5. xr600r

    Lifan LF200GY-5 Dual Sport Fact's & Fiction

    The reason these chinese bikes are so cheap, is simple....cheap chinese labor. as a matter of fact i'll soon be losing my job of 28 yrs, due to........ CHEAP CHINESE LABOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DONT GET ME STARTED
  6. xr600r

    Best Battery ??

    I think my battery in my WR450 died today . whats the best..longest lasting battery for these bikes ? part # to please.
  7. xr600r

    Engine Tick/knock

    I've been waiting for mine to blow up for 3 yrs. now, so i can figure out why its knocking. like everyone else says, it's a normal YZ/WR quirk.
  8. xr600r

    1973 Ct 70

    Back in 1973 , my dad bought a new leftover,1972 Trail 90, and he got me a new 73' SL70. I was 13 then. I eventualy sold the 70 for a bigger bike, but he kept his 90. he passed away in 1990, and i got his 90. i still have it and its in mint condition. i have many great memories of us riding together, and i really wish i had my 70 back....just because.
  9. xr600r

    2002 Engine...JUNK

    OPPS!!!!!!!!!..........WR426....sorry. not sure what happened, just totally locked up.
  10. xr600r

    2002 Engine...JUNK

    My buddie's son's 2002 wr450 took a major dump. estimate to repair.. $3000 anybody know of anyone that sells good used motors ?
  11. xr600r

    My Apologies

    Sorry i called you a dickhead, Clark. i read your post at a bad time , and took it out on you. anybody that rides is alright in my book.
  12. xr600r

    These Handguards Crap

    Why do people insist on bashing a manufacture on the internet before they try to contact the manufacture to see what the problem is . the moose gaurds are made by enduro engineering in lansing michigan. the owner is Alan Randt. he's also a KTM dealer, and also Mike Lafferty's mechanic. he's a great guy who has done alot for the sport , and i'm sure he'd be more than happy to help you in any way possible.
  13. xr600r

    These Handguards Crap

    Hand guards dont always fit just right because of all the different handle bar bends. if they made the guards to fit every bend of handlebar perfectly .they would cost big $$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. xr600r

    These Handguards Crap

    What kind of "parts" did you have to buy to get them to fit ?? just curious.
  15. xr600r

    Tomahawk dual sport...... A loop

    By the way....that 6.97 miles was before the first re-set