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  1. big t

    Beta Factory Demo Tour

    I rode the 125, 200, 250 and 300. I liked the 200 the best out of the 2 strokes. I ride 4 strokes so I’m no expert on the 2 stokes but the 200 felt the best to me.
  2. big t

    Beta Factory Demo Tour

    Just attended demo tour at Burning Rock in Sophia WV. All I can say is it was awesome. Rode 12 different bikes and several twice. I wish all the brands would do this. Loved the 390 race edition and 430 race edition. If you get a chance to attend a demo day do it!
  3. big t

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    Playing around with the tuner. I put a couple of different maps in it. Most important thing to me with the tuning is to take away the hit at low throttle openings. When riding in fields or the track its not a big deal but the woods it could be. Bump a tree and gets you off balance or pull the bars one way or another and make you roll the throttle a little. Thats what I'm worried about. With the rekluse it might not be a big deal. From what I can tell I'll be able to keep it in 2nd or 3rd most of the time.
  4. big t

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    Are the map settings all zero's stock?
  5. big t

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    Been setting bike up. Got the tuner and the showed 11.1 hrs and thats after I put 45 minutes on it. Did go with a rekluse radius cx. I been wanting to try one for awhile. 2nd gear wheelies from a stop. Can't wait to go ride it again and play with mapping. Power is crazy. I'm going to try to take it down a notch for woods racing. So far from, my initial ride, I think I'm going to love this bike. Got springs for my weight and gonna wait on valving. Suspension stock felt good. We got 15 inches of snow yesterday so it will be a couple of weeks before I get to ride it.
  6. big t

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    Gonna ride it tomorrow. Yeah I’m not sure I’ll need the rekluse. Thanks
  7. I looked at this bike from march to april at local dealer. It was a new left over and they had used it some for a demo. They quoted 8600 old. I thought it was still high so went back about 6 weeks later and it was gone. Ad pops up for a 16 z450fx for 6000. I go look and ride the bike to get a comparison for some other bikes I was gonna demo this weekend. Long story short this is the bike I looked at and got the quote. Guy bought it august 31, 2018. I tell the guy I'm going to test ride some bikes and he says 5000. I couldn't turn that down considering I was ready to drop 10000+ on a new one. Not sure how many hours are on it but he thought he put 15 on it. I'm guessing it might have 20-30. Gonna race hare scrambles. Getting bumped to B class so I'll be back of the pack. Not a hard core racer just like to go out and ride my own race. Thinking about a rekluse. Which one works best? I see they range 600-1000. Does it even need one? Also, how does stock skid plate work?
  8. big t

    2018 KTM 300 XCW

    Sounds pretty good. I'm looking at them too. I've never had a 2 stroke but I'm about ready to pull the trigger on one. I figure if I just can't stand it it should not be to hard to sell. Might lose some money but I've never made money on any dirt bike anyway. My head is about to explode from all the research I've been doing. I'd say go for it!
  9. Really like what I'm reading about the KTM 300 TPI. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Been researching new bikes and I am over loaded. They are all good. I have always ridden big 4 strokes. The new KTM 300 xcw with tpi has peaked my interest for a 2 stroke. Bike will be raced in hare scrambles. I will move up to 40+ 'B' class next year so I will be back of the pack. Not really worried about getting much faster its more about fun for me. Racing an 07 KTM 525 xcw now and do pretty good in 'C' class. Love the 525 but I'm ready for a new bike. Looking at YZ450FX, Beta 390-480 race editions, and now the KTM 300. What ever I buy will be new. To bad there is no where to test ride everything.
  11. big t

    Extreme Lagares

    These guys have raised the bar on hare scrambles/enduro cross. Love to watch them ride. I don't bother posting any of my hare scramble videos to youtube anymore because it doesn't look that impressive. They are on another level!
  12. Anybody riding/racing a 480? I see the 480 has dual injectors and the 500 has a single injector. Wondering how much difference between the bikes. Really wish Beta would have a demo day. I have a dealer 10 minutes from my house. He's selling mostly the 300's and 350's. Rode a 350 and want more power. Don't think I want a 2 stroke.
  13. big t

    18 Beta 480 RR Race Edition

    Thanks for the replies.
  14. big t

    18 Beta 480 RR Race Edition

    Yeah, I'm leaning toward the 500 rs also. It comes with a fan, voyager and I think resale would be better being street legal. Also, it has stainless steel valves instead of titanium. I think they would wear better. I was wondering what the suspension upgrades from Beta are like. I think all the new bikes are good. I wish I could ride them all back to back.