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  1. gm300klx

    Gauges for my 05 300R

    I have a trailtech on mine. It's great with many features, I bought the kit from Rocky Mountain ATV for around $80 it fits/mounts on top of the stock odometer bracket. You don't need the billet since it's protected by the light and number plate. Glen
  2. gm300klx

    KLX300 vs. CRF250X

    Bill The red folks do not seem very open to other color bikes, and I feel the responses would reflect that attitude. We green guys seem a little more open minded and don't have a problem pointing out problems or mods to inprove our bikes.
  3. gm300klx

    What KLX 300 skid plate?

    Wow what a great picture, super clear!
  4. gm300klx

    KLX300 vs. CRF250X

    I would like to hear any comparsions between these two. I have a 2003 KLX with a Dynojet kit, headpipe/muffler and usual free mods and have always felt it under rated. Other than the elec. start how would it compare to the X?
  5. gm300klx

    Drowning problems with the 110?

    I just had a thought could it be the carb vent that hangs down thru the bottom engine guard? I think I'll add a tee in the vent and route below the seat and see if it makes a difference this weekend.
  6. gm300klx

    Handguards Question

    Looking for suggestions to replace my cheap factory plastic handguards,what are you guys using and how hard is/was it to install them?
  7. gm300klx

    Drowning problems with the 110?

    Went riding today and my son was complaining about the same thing riding thru mud and small puddles. Also wonder if there is a easy fix?
  8. gm300klx

    Dynojet Kit

    New unused Dynojet kit complete with all parts and instructions. $65.00 includes shipping to lower 48. Thanks Glen
  9. gm300klx

    Dont replace the carb.. DynoJet your CVK

    I have a new unused Dynojet kit $65 shipping included to lower 48. I bought it because I wasn't sure that the dealer installed one on my new bike(he did). I opened the needle package to compare to my installed one and opened the drill package to make sure my slide was drilled. Other than that everything else is still sealed. Thanks Glen
  10. gm300klx

    Maier plastics

    Alan I just installed their MX style on my bike. Went right on with a bit of drummel at the corners where it met the inner fender. Looks great everything lined right up. Glen