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  1. GMontenegro

    Anybody else have this phobia?

    I share your phobia. I think that you must have a lot of control on your bike to do high jumps (with that, yo can stabilize your bike when comes back, front, etc). My advice: Go testing with higher and higher jumps in a "nice way", see what happens between you and your bike in higher jumps, with that you will be more "secure" (actitud way) to jump.
  2. GMontenegro

    Whoops kick my ass

    Good Advice! And try to keep your ass near from the seat of your bike, with that, the bike does his "suspension tour" on the shock very short, that will avoid that the rear side of the bike do whatever he wants.
  3. GMontenegro

    Is This normal?

    Try to keep your body in a more vertical position, and your elbows more "open"
  4. Hi: I'm from Chile (New on this Site) and I need some help, I hope that you could help me. The thing is that, I need to know the measures of the Low Steering Bearing for a YAMAHA YZ250F 2006. Take Care, GM.