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  1. Depends on the ride, on my YZ I'm usually pretty close to the truck (within 30 miles) since I'd run out of fuel if I went further. I don't carry any tools on those rides. On my WR I carry a front tube, really long rides I also carry a rear tube. All the tools to change the tube and patches, motion pro t handle and socket set, wires, zip ties, quick steel, small nut and bolt pack, bailing wire, screwdrivers, a few wrenches etc etc. Something I haven't seen mentioned is para cord, a lighter, and glow sticks. I also carry eye wash and goggle wipes in my chest protector front mounted bag for quick access.

    Your Best Garage Hacks

    I have two smal pulleys mounted to the ceiling with a piece of paracord running through them and down the wall to an anchor where I can reach it. The rope is tied to a 220v outlet box that I hung in the center of the shop, I can raise and lower the box with the rope.

    When do new helmets come out?

    Bump, spoke to a local dealer yesterday and they seem to think new graphics will be coming out in March. Anyone else know anything?

    Zac speed chest protector and backpack combo

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I found a local dealer that had them in stock and picked up the sprint yesterday. Definitely better then the fly and the Leatt. I spoke with Zac Speed directly yesterday and they have confirmed that real shoulder protection will be released as an add on accessory the middle of 2019! I can't ask for anything more. ­čĹŹ
  5. Looking for feedback on these, anyone have one? I've tried the fly and I don't like the chest plate, the leatt chest plate is kind of small and there's no shoulder protection.
  6. Looking to get a Grant vfx evo but I think new graphics are coming soon as the current ones have been out for about a year now. Anyone know when the new stuff comes out from Shoei? Thinking I'd see what the new stuff looks like first and maybe find a close out price on last years release if I'm not excited about the new stuff. Obviously the evo is so new I don't see the helmet itself changing anytime soon.
  7. Cheapest ones I can find ­čśé seriously though, I prefer ratchets, I get the 1.5" wide husky ones from Home Depot. I used Ancras for about 20 years and I've had them loosen up once in awhile on bumpy dirt roads, started tying them off with a little slip knot cinched up under the cam lock and solved that problem. Ratchets are useful for a wide variety of things and are much longer which can be very helpful. I've never had a ratchet strap loosen up.

    Msr roost pak alternative. Chest bag

    Thanks guys, here's what I ended up getting. They both seem to be a good solution, which one is better depends on what you want to fit in there as they are slightly different dimensions. Both were from eBay. One was $10 the othe $5. I got both of them in black. What do you guys think?

    Msr roost pak alternative. Chest bag

    I wear a chest protector and a camel back but I also have a small bag on the front of my chest protector for quick access to a few items. Saves me from having to take off my back pack all the time.
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could post a picture or a link of the bag you have mounted on the front of your chest protector. I used to love the msr roost pak but it has been discontinued and I'm looking for a place to buy one or something similar. Thank you.

    Help: YZ250F Tank shroud mount stripped!

    I would look for a replacement fuel tank.
  12. Did you adjust you valves recently? Maybe part of the auto decompressor or the guide pin for the cam tower?

    2007-2009 WR450f battery removal

    So actually I have two reasons for asking these questions. #1 is my WR which I could run the $170 lithium battery if I wanted to, weight is my concern though and no batteries weigh a lot less then lithium and cost less. #2 I have a 2007 Yz450f with a WR stator, when I got it the battery they had used was basically stuffed into the airbox right on top of the air filter, there's not really a good place to put it and I'd like to eliminate it and just use a little AA battery pack, if/when the lights are ever put on it. Im not sure if nobody has the answer here or if maybe I'd have more responses if posted in the general discussion threads? Thanks for any info you can add.

    2007-2009 WR450f battery removal

    Tonight I removed the battery and tried to kick start the bike, wouldn't start. Hooked up the battery and started first kick, I then unhooked the battery and the bike died right away. Next I put a capacitor in place of the battery, the bike starts right up and seems to run fine but I don't know if this is a safe way to run the bike without damaging anything (including the capacitor). I do not like the idea of being stranded due to a burned out component. Please help

    Shop talk

    Thanks for the compliment in the shop. Make no mistake though, I do welding, and fab work as well as painting, wrenching, occasionally a wood project. What I've noticed since fixing up the shop is that I take a little extra time planning how I do things so I don't destroy the place and I'm a little more meticulous about cleaning up as I go to keep things from getting out of control. It's definitely a little more work this way and some of my buddies think I'm crazy but it works for me.