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  1. maximoose

    When are you starting your kids on bikes?

    I had my son on training wheels (on a crf50) and he transitioned fine. Actually he started on a quad then trainers. Once the trainers came off he went from a crf50 to a crf70 to a proSr to a KTM65SX in about 3 months. The trainers allow the child to relax a bit, learn the controls and not freak about getting pinned under a bike (and in relative terms the crf is gonna feel really heavy on a small child). A pw or suzuki jr or a ktm mini adventure will be smaller in stature, but it would be pointless to keep the crf if you are going that route. I would also look at a stryder bike until we are confidently off of trainers. My son ended bending hs training wheels so much that it was just a natural transformation to get off of them. You can also take a pipe bender and bend the trainers a bit which will let the bike lean but not completely tip. I know a lot of people are against them, but I have also seen a lot of kids that whiskey throttle because more focus was put on balance than working the controls properly. It is kind of a personal opinion and no 100% right or wrong answer. The most important thing in riding is seat time, period. The more they are on the bike the better they will get.
  2. maximoose

    2 stroke 250 or 250f?

    Well having owned both...a 4 stroke will be less routine maintenance, but will kill you in terms of $$$ when you do have to do maintenance. Unless you are doing your own valves. Also there are still oil changes required, although less frequent with 4 strokes, but they are more expensive than a 2 stroke. IF you have a major engine failure (yes I have had one) on a 4 stroke, any savings you may have had in terms of maintenance just went out the window. 2 strokes will require you to do more routine stuff, which amounts to after every race (if you're smart) or every couple of practices. Like changing tranny oil. Big deal 10w-40, maybe a quart or you can go with stuff like gear saver, etc if you prefer. Pre-mix isn't that expensive, and you know how to do it. Other than that it is a wash. Although the upfront cost of a 4 stroke is higher as well. Personally I would go with a 250 2 stroke. A modern KTM will absolutely kill it. Depends on what year you are looking at, as well. I have a 2005 KTM250EXC and it has been bullet proof.
  3. I've worn the Fox Flight Suit and found that it is too hot and heavy for my taste. I wore it for quite a while, but will be looking for a ighter, cooler option.
  4. maximoose

    2004 KX65 ---Son's moving up from PW50

    X2 on powder coat. We use pro taper pillow top model grips. Have fun!
  5. maximoose

    front tire washes out on left turns...

    Can I ask a dumb question before you go looking for a technical solution? How is your body position on left vs right turns? Are you left/right handed and do you tens to crash to one side? Are you perhaps just favoring one over the other?
  6. maximoose

    Cutting Bars down

    Measure your wingspan with arms bent at 90 degrees and don't go narrower than that. That's about as wide as you are going to be going thru any tight area anyways.
  7. maximoose

    50cc race machines

    You could even ride a Honda CRF70 in the 50 class in some races and still be far behind. It does depend a lot on the rider, but you are not holeshotting anyone on a 4 stroke 50. And that is where a lot of kids get their wins because trying to catch up on a under powered machine usually only happens if the other kid crashes. If you are just looking to get the experience of riding in a race and the environment, by all means go with the Honda (basically no maintenance-unlike the auto clutch race 50's). If you think that is going to be discouraging and not worth it, look at the KTM. You can find them all over. You will need to familiarize yourself with the clutch, though. There is ton of info and parts for them.
  8. maximoose

    MX Track Build

    You can get a DUI on a horse here, even if it's in your own field, so I would highly suggest that it be avoided. And it would be just another reason for neighbors to try and get your track shut down.
  9. maximoose

    Arm Pump Continues to be a Problem

    Up your potasium intake, make sure you are hydrating at least 2-3 days in advance and you may want to try flexx bars or look at your current set up in suspension, as well as your technique. Are you death gripping or are you relaxed and still getting a lot of pump?
  10. maximoose

    MX Track Build

    Depends where and how big you are building. I have built two mini tracks in residential areas. The issues you will have are dust and noise ordinances. If you live in Maricopa, they will try and nail you on dust. I live just inside Pinal and it is a little less strict. It is also an agricultural area, so dust is a fact of life. I checked with planning and zoning and the local sheriffs office before I even bought my house to make sure I was ok to have the track. I am in an unicorporated town and no HOA. Essentially there are no rules or regulations from me doing anything to or on my property, unless it involves a crime (drinking and riding). They can complain about noise, etc, but that also opens the door for when they are mowing their lawn, etc for a complaint to be filed against them. I try to do a good job of watering and don't run races or have a ton of bikes out there at a time. I also planted some ficus (oleander are good too) between me and the neighbors to keep my riding a little more private. Just a tip, if you are brining in dirt, put an add on craigslist (especially in spring) for free fill dirt. I got 30 dump trucks of dirt free.
  11. maximoose

    KTM 65 SX for Christmas

    60:1 pre-mix is in the manual. I usually run 50:1. An fmf will fit on the stock pipe, so just the silencer is needed. Skip the rekluse. You can use ATF Type F for the tranny or 10w-40, just change it as frequently as necessary depending on how many hours you ride. You will need a 13mm socket and universal and hold the shifter up as high a possible. A bit of a PITA to change the tranny oil, but after a few times, no big deal. Also, get a needle from Dean at www.r1dean.com. It will save you a lot of fouled plugs. Good guy to work with and does a ton of 65 work.
  12. maximoose

    James Bubba Stewart

    As to the question why people love to hate on Jimmy, it might be because he likes to put a big target on his own back. "I'm racing the outdoors for the fans"...ok well maybe another year. Bubba's World...a great endorsement for you? Not so much..."hey, pull over"...it was harmless fun. "Oh, I'm mad, let me go push that guys bike off the stand in the pits"...very mature, professional attitude. He is extrememly inconsistant and can't stand the pressure when some one is behind or in front of him.
  13. maximoose

    Need Bike Choices

    An '09 or newer KTM65. We lowered ours by pushing up the forks, lowering the sag and shaving the seat. Our son was 8 1/2 at the time. Even if he has to tippy-toe, he should be good. Starting blocks if needed.
  14. If you have big brass cojones. These days, I would not. Maybe once upon a time.
  15. Also in Moab don't you have to trailer to the trails everyday? Is there camping at the riding areas or do you have to hotel it and drive to ride? Just curious as that is on my list of places to go ride.